BLM law HMRC tax fraud James Edward Beresford

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———- Forwarded message ———
From: Dr Mark Jones <t>
Date: Sun, Jun 28, 2020 at 6:16 PM
Subject: Legal fraud done to the elderly for gain by lawyers who help kill them. To BLM &partners: With reference to your letter Ref: on 27 May 2020 to Dr Jones

To The Rt. Honourable Boris Johnson, MP
Prime Minister
Office of the Prime Minister
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA

To The Rt. Priti Patel, MP
Home Secretary
Direct Communications Unit
2 Marsham Street
London, SW1P

To Police Fraud
To Mr. Paul Philip the Chief Executive of the SRA
To Ms Heather SRA

To Boris Johnson
I want JB struck off and in jail with the other person helping in the cover up of these crimes.
To BLM (please list your name as set out in law).
To BLM Compliance and all partners of BLM.

To James Edward Beresford (JB).

1 See email of Jun 10, 2020, and past emails where JB accepted my commercial debts on my mother’s guest house.
2 My mother’s guest house which is a commercial business as proven by Council paperwork (sent to you Feb 17), Insurance bills (sent to you) etc all sent to you.

3 All my mother’s Wills state all debts to be paid first.
4 I point out my commercial debt which is listed in N1 claim (attachment: N1stampLondonDebt.jpg ) which JB knows about.
5 As my commercial N1 claim is greater than my mother’s estate

5.1 And JB accepted other commercial debts than why not my N1 claim which a Judge saw as valid. Therefore my mother’s estate & home is mine as listed in N1 claim.
6 and if I take or need to take to court I will seek damages.
7 I will win with issues such as the following:
7.1 your company lying about the email you said you sent to me saying you were going to changed the locks.  When you did not send such an email. You changed locks when COVID law was active.
Clearly, BLM lies as a company and can not be trusted. Therefore remove yourself from this probate case.
7.2 The changing of the locks by JB & BLM caused the forced eviction of an award-winning doctor and therefore I seek further damages as COVID active etc
7.3 Damages of several businesses by your actions. These businesses are taking actions against you. And it is clear I HAD A RIGHT AND WILL REMAIN THERE.
7.4 BLM stated in email on 26/6/2020 they are looking for an alternate executor for JB but they have no right to do this as it is a court decision. So further dirty tricks.   
7.5 The fact you JB was appointed by law society by an  unofficial email shows doubt on the Northwest Law Society. We can seek a judgement against you on this and other issues with damages.
8 The fact that JB says he has paperwork (example see ExhibitJB4Feb.jpeg) from the past executor PB BUT 
8.1 JB says in COURT paperwork my mother’s funeral was NOT paid but past executors had this paid in there paperwork. So how come JB can not see this if he had the paperwork (JB states this in his court statement). JB can not do his job as he should have checked this bill independently of PB but was really trying to cover up mistakes.
8.2 JB can not find my mother’s shares in PB court paperwork. And still, shares are missing. And now you list some shares. What is the value of these shares?
8.2.1 The fact you now list shares proves that the past executor PB did not do his job right and therefore more damages against him. And you do not list this as an issue or report it. See past email below for other serious issues.
In fact you even can not find bank books see ExhibitJB4Feb.jpeg which PB also hides. Which was listed! AND WE STILL WANT TO SEE ALL OF THEM.
This shows PB failures of duty of care aspects that JB & BLM help to cover up to protect other law firms.
And did not report to SRA or courts is legal fraud of PB who does not have a legal defence for his actions. 
Therefore you (JB & BLM) are to remove yourselves from any involvement in my mother’s estate.
8.3 There is legal fraud of £100,000 care bill which was done by past executor PB
a) the past executor PB told to the taxman and in court papers, this £100,000 debt existed, WHICH IS A LIE BY PB.
b) PB paid the taxman £3522 to finally close my mother tax issues. To get away with this crime.
From an unknown bank account of my mothers which PB was told to tell me of all bank accounts but failed to do so and you too also do this.
c) PB continued this lie from 2015 to Dec 2019  and used this lie in an action in a court which now must be reversed due to this fact.
d) then in Dec 2019 a judge forced the past executor PB to release papers to show this £100,000 debt was in fact £10,000 and all this was done for legal fraud.
e) JB had the past executor JB paperwork and knew this fraud and
f) JB should report this if he can not he must remove himself as executor or other actions towards him.
g) Also Bartlett went to court in 2018 with a clear statement of care bill for my mother of £100,000 which he  & his lawyer knew from 2015 was only £10,000
Therefore Bartlett (PB) and his lawyer (Mr Green) lied to the court and did fraud.
The court was unaware of these above actions; therefore, Bartlett (PB) & Green went to court with dirty hands and
Ex turpi causa non oritur actio.
ACTION: they lost and my cost to be paid and damages.
h) Actions to be started by SRA Law Society etc and court actions. As fraud shown in court paperwork with no legal defence.
9) And BLM says they have zero tolerance for Tax fraud etc (listed on their web site etc) but have not reported these crimes and they too can be sued.
10 And many other issues including the murder of my mother (note my mother’s inquest tape has been lost as it shows bent lawyers, see web site below),
10.1 the Dec 2019 court case expert said and there is no defence that my mother was hit by a lawyer who works with Bartlett to a) shut her up, b) rob her, c) steal her home, d) did wills wrong etc and they did this to many other elderly. And BLM & JB protect these evil people.
10.2 The murder of my mother’s accountant BD who knew my mother should have had Business Property Rates BPR and you too try and avoid this to help PB.
10.3 The involvement of a known struck off pedo doctor who drugged and helped other lawyers rob the elderly who JB knew and BLM used.
11 JB, past executors PB & BLM are
Devastavit: breach of duty by a personal representative
in the following
11.1 liability
11. 2 misappropriations of assets
11.3 maladministration
11.4 failure to safeguard assets
11.5 cover-up of fraud and multiple murders.
11.6 on many occasions all paperwork (inventory, accounts etc) has been asked for from PB & JB but they failed to do this. S25 AEA 1925 etc.
There is no defence for these actions. This was all done to cover up several crimes.
And we seek damages for this.
For Exhibits and more see the following web sites

12 I state that if I do not hear why the N1 claim is not valid by Tue 30 June 2020.
I will take it that 32 is rightfully mine as set out in the claim.
13 Journalists are asking for an investigation of all of this by Parliament in dementia fraud investigations.
14 On Feb 20, an email was sent to JB see Section 8 I put in  Subject Access Request (SAR) I requested all correspondence on my mother and me. And in fact all files etc Including who changed the locks in the COVID time as he will be sued.
Even taking in account the COVID this is over due and you should be fined and more reasons to remove you etc
In fact your court papers show PB lies about me and you do nothing about this.
Dont get ill.
———- Forwarded message ———
From: Dr Mark Jones <
Date: Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 3:27 PM
Subject: To BLM &partners: With reference to your letter Ref: on 27 May 2020 to Dr Jones
To: <BLMCompliance

To BLM Compliance and all partners of BLM.

I seek damages,
There will be additional exhibits sent by Friday and other Statements.
This is not the final statement to the court.
IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE Cover up of MurderJBcoverupTBF.docx (53K)