Chapter one?

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Imagine an industry that allows you to rob little old ladies but no one does anything.
They are already dead with money and property that no one notices.
So as a probate lawyers put bills against the estate which no one investigates.
Then it gets easier to do the crime, as the government police and others help cover up the euthanasia of the elderly.
And all the regulatory bodies (SRA CQC) know this goes on but ignore this issue…
Then you find police deceives ignoring obvious crimes.
But the elderly who die have no family to complain so it grows.

As people get rich and everyone joins in on the price-fixing of the elderly properties and all get rich…

Then I come into this story…. I find babies dying for no reason…the surgery was not the problem.
The babies’ death occurs in patterns…and these babies were all IVF, so babies who were wanted and were going to be left with large amounts of money…
The fact is they were murdered to stop them from getting future trust money.
So the probate lawyer could then pick off the family members to get to the money.
Just like robbing the elderly…the probate lawyers and their friends in police and council all start to gain or get kick backs by vices.

And as investigated in London, my mother far away in Chester from me was targeted…to be robbed and murdered for her home, like so many others, as the crime of robbing elderly ladies on their own had grown to now targeting families.
As probate lawyer worked out how to now get more properties…and destroy the family and small family business…and nothing stopped this. Just look at Dr Shipman

And how did I work all of this out…
My first landlady was a criminologist who worked on serial killers and cannibals…and she liked me as I told her when I was a child had a near-death experience. And because of this and unlike others I walk into high-risk problems as I don’t mind death…as near death to me as a child was amazing…

She said to me in her American Sottish accent “you can never tell anyone what happened here…all we have done is disrupt a network of evil…and remember if you write it up…criminals will copy it”