The Property probate Dr Shipman Cartel

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The History on the web of the events. Page 1



JB uses a Chartered Surveyors report which has no names in it. See 6 to 8 page  Exhibit and website

See also

Also see many questions by an expert have 2048 signatures to say my mother’s inquest should be reopened as the inquest was done wrong to protect the murder of my mother.

And we can now show a doctor Bland involved in my mother’s murder  etc was struck off in 2018 and other new evidence. AND MA & CA knew him.

And my mother was also killed as she said lawyer W, who works for PB, who hit my mother to force her to sell her home cheap.

Also my mother’s inquest in 2015 was done by a coroner (R) who others said they also had problems with him by covering up crimes (see link below).

And add to all of this…

JB did this to protect PB who price fixes property values to get them cheap including help by others who died strangely.

In 2015 Barbara Dunbavand (BD) wanted to help me, and she was an accountant who worked with all the rich elderly, and then she died strangely (see later part of this report).

BD husband is Dr who knew Dr Bland and knew MA, W, and PB.
BD knew all the rich to target by PB. BD husband knew Dr Bland who put the elderly on the end of the pathway of death when they could live.

Dr Bland struck off in 2019

MA knew Dr Bland well

I could add Dr Bland lied at my mother’s inquest and the inquest tapes are still not released to the public as it shows how corrupt the inquest was as also 2 bent cops lie also.


From the Times and other newspapers it is also seen this was done to many others in the Northwest. Many elderly deaths could be part of these probate crimes.

And this is a common issues see

And as it is a protected crime by bent lawyers (PB, JB, CP etc), bent police (MA, N), bent judges (H) there are now criminals from other countries coming here to help in probate crime. A crime that helps money laundering which helps fund terrorists.


Page 2

Is your property’s resale value safe, if probate lawyers are fixing prices in your area? 
How the Dr. Shipman Cartel Operates. And why was my mother, and others, murdered for their homes, and the stealing was hidden until now. And how blockchain could change this. All files on blockchain.

This is the true story of the probate lawyers (PB, W, CP, and JB) who control wills to control sales of property. A cartel of lawyers who knew the doctors and care workers who run the “End of Life Pathway” (LCP) for the elderly (also babies killed for their future estates). The doctors would claim the elderly had dementia but were in fact drugged to change their wills to the advantage of the lawyers. And many elderly people were put into nursing homes, trapped until they were wanted by the cartel to let them die. And their property will be controlled and sold to the advantage of controlling the prices of the homes in the area- all timed. With the local police detectives (MA, N) knowing all this, and using the same lawyers… and gaining from these crimes.

My late mother’s home, is an example of this crime system. My mother’s home is at 32 Hoole Road, and every time I was away, someone tried to get my mother’s home cheap. A property which, when independent estate agents’ stated, it was worth over £800,000 in the past. Then the lawyer, PB, by force, took over the estate by buying the law firm where my mother’s will was resting in. PB is a lawyer who has been fined by the Law Society (check it out…why is he allowed to do this?). My mother wanted to remove the PB but she was put to a horrific death by the path way (LCP) in 2015. (My mother’s story is 2 pages, several attempts on her life to shut her up from stating the lawyer and MA tried to force her to sell her home against her wishes- and on video etc). It’s all done to create as much chaos & pain as possible in order to aid in the crime. In 2015, I was offered £40,000 not to investigate my mother’s murder, which I turned down.  Then the lawyer PB said my mother’s home was worth only £450,000 and it had to be sold as my mother had a debt of £100,000 and listed them on tax forms etc. It took four plus years to remove PB and to find out that the £100,000 debt did not exist.  Then, in the Dec 2019 probate court case, it was agreed to sell my mother’s home for a minimum of £750,000. And my late sister’s estate (MA) wanted a lawyer to look into all of this (how convenient).

Then a new lawyer was appointed by the Northwest Law Society (by private email, but we got it) to oversee this. Another lawyer’s network is assisting in the cover-up. The new appointed lawyer to my mother’s estate, is JB (and CP) and they did everything to cover up the PB crimes. Also, the new lawyer, JB, instead of doing a RISC report on my mother’s property, did nothing for nearly a year. What was he waiting for? Well, we know the lawyer, PB, and JB, knew the property next store to my mother’s home, 32 Hoole Road, which is 30 Hoole Road and that her mother was very ill! And PB had control over that will. In fact, the whole area had been for years given cheap wills by PB… ….but with a catch. Then, when I was away, the lawyers broke into my mother’s home and damaged it. There was also a water leak caused by him to do more damage.

Then, by doing SAR (Subject Access Request) we found out that the lawyer did a RISC report in Oct 2020, which was so much full of lies he could not use it in court. It also stated that mother’s home was only £345,000, which was done to influence the next store’s home value (how did he know she was going to die?). This RISC report was done by AL who then, when found out for doing fraud, went to work for the police and the same office as MA. Then in April 2021, JB listed the property for £500,000 on an auction site, which did not work, as it was price-fixed, said a friend who could not bid on it. There are also some really bad reviews of many others saying the valuation of their properties was wrong.

To stop the sale of my mother’s home, I personally did an injunction, and the judge was troubled that JB had ignored the court order to sell it for 750,000 min. JB then removed it off the auction site. Then, by another SAR, it was also clear there had been two offers for a million for my mother’s property.  Which JB ignored by the order of PB. What happened next was by accident, we found the next store mother’s (30 Hoole Road) had died in late 2020 (hint). Her daughter explained that PB had said their mother’s home was worth only £400,000 but there was no sale sign outside. Also, they said their mother had been murdered just like my mother. The more we investigated, the more we found the same story that someone was plotting to damage the family and by probate law, get the control over the family property. Then it was sold for a low price, but there was no clear buyer. From the paper work, it was also clear the same estate agent had lied to them about the value of their property (group of people lie about prices). This was all backed up when by the undertakers who’s clients were heartbroken and upset with the same story about their parents’ death and family home under the control of the same lawyers. I told the local MP who did not want to know, and his wife is also a lawyer (more here but!). And he seems to know what is going on.  And the other issue was the lawyers in Chester knew what was going on but did nothing. This explains in the past when my mother wanted to get out of a nursing home the lawyers would let me down, and this lead to my mother’s first attempted murder, first a doctor who was struck off three years later as pedo, and the other one who did kill her with morphine for no clinical reason. Also these two doctors lied in my mother’s inquest saying they did not know each other, but the undertakers’ cremation files show they both visited and signed off on victims to be cremated and evidence destroyed (link to property).  Then when I went to London, the lawyers knew about this going on (long story but shows a cartel network). I saw Master Bowles in the London court and he said he would remove JB but then it was given to Master Pester who would not give me my mother’s accounts (which by law I have a right to-so he is helping to hide files to help cover up a crime) and then he knocked the case somewhere into the future. Finally, we have a judge who made JB do an undertaking for the court to sell the property for £750,000 min but after the court case, JB relisted it for 500,000 again. Then they said it was sold? Then it was clear this was all done to con next store in to the price of 400,000, if my mother’s home value was 500,000.
Then the property at 28 Hoole Road sold for £740,000 in two weeks as it was not under the control of any lawyers. And 28 Hoole Road is the same as 30 Hoole Road as it is next to it as it is semi-detached.

Now here is the problem for buyers with this cartel.
For many years, the lawyers have controlled the wills, resulting in the entire AREA being priced fixed. And the fact that the whole street at one time was full of elderly ladies whose homes are now flatsWith the past example of 42 Hoole Road, you could see it had been bought for £400,000 and sold seven months later for £740,000. But my mother’s home, 32 Hoole Road, is twice the size of 30 Hoole Road or 42 Hoole Road and has land to build on it, and crime is done to get it down to £500,000. So who would buy the property at 32 Hoole Road, for a million or £750000 to then see a property nearest to their property artificially priced down, e.g. price fixed by probate lawyers. Would you buy there?

The probate lawyers’ game is to control the area, so they buy the law firms to control the wills and the sales. And the police detectives (MA, N) are involved in the price fixing as they use the same lawyers. And ignore the cries for help, which in the past I did not understand what many elderly people were complaining about- but the MP does. In my mother’s 2019 probate court case, the Judge Hogg has a strange conversation with the police detective MA (my late sister’s son in law and police detective who oversees the area from 2007), almost in code, about the area where he lives and the properties in the area…hint. And the area where MA lives is where doctors who deal with the end of life pathway (LCP) are based. And the wife (BD) of the doctor who ran the accounts for all the elderly in the area died strangely, after saying something very bad is going on. And her inquest by W which no one trusts (see tape of Alice, and others).

And the Dec 2019 judge ignores the court-appointed expert who claims that the lawyer hit my mother, who owns 32 Hoole Road, in order to rob her.  Also, the probate lawyer, PB, attempted to do 100,000 bills that did not exist and tried to obtain the property for 450,000 when he ran and estate agents. And on the second day, my own barrister (M) said he would drop the case if the attack by the lawyer was done. And all of this was done to aid in the cover-up of the crime. And that is the constant thing, lawyers doing everything they can to cover up the above crime from the public. And medical records show the police detective, MA, is helping in this crime by robbing my mother and forcing her home to sale etc. but the judge ignores this.
And after four days in the Dec 2019, court, the lawyers do a court order to sell the property for £750,000 minimum as a start, as it is worth over a million as long as the lawyers are not investigated.
And a coroner (W) who knows all of this and it is clear my mother was murdered will not release the inquest tapes as he tried to cover up all the above and other estates said he covered up their parents’ murders.
And when it goes back to court in Oct 2021, the same Judge Hogg appears and ignores the fact that JB ignored 3 court orders and an undertaking to sell the 32 Hoole Road for a minimum of £750,000. Then after the court case JB again lists it for 500,000 but said would sell it for 750,000 min court order of Dec 2019. The probate lawyers all over the UK are taking over the family estates by probate law and the corrupt bent probate courts let them. One lawyer said the probate court was broken. And the regulators (SRA, CQC etc.) do not investigate, and in the free review system such as Trust Pilot, the public declares how broken this all is. And many regulators go to work for these probate law firms instead of reporting them.

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