Property Price Fixing Chester BLM Law Probate

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Dear  reader.

In the 185 page file of Jame Beresford (JB) of BLM law for the court papers…

We can show JB lies as he uses a Chartered Surveyors report which has no names in it. See Exhibt and website

Also what I say is supported by witnesses statements.

Also, this Chartered Surveyors report about my mother’s property does not show who it is addressed to But someone who works in

BLM- so this must be JB.

JB who should be removed as executor of my mother’s estate See appendix at the end

Also the expert who wrote this Chartered survey report hides his name.

This deliberate removal of names is done to cover up a crime.

JB does this as it is covering up fraud and price fixing crime done to the elderly.

The chartered surveyor expert person who did the report on my mother’s property has now left the Chartered Surveyor company Charles Parket Bennett “CPB”.  See report by BH.
We also know this person whose name is removed from the Chartered Surveyors report did the following:
1 The person “L” did a survey on my mother’s property with no name and acting as a RISC (The
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) expert on their form which was to be used in court as evidence. This is fraud.

2 Also this report is not valid without a RISC name. BUT he was scared of being found out connected to other crimes, so he had his name removed.

3 RISC have said this report can not be used in court as it is now under investigation for price fixing.
4 This person L states that the price of the property is 345,000 when
other evidence shows 800,000 and other properties going for 758,000 in
the past.
See the following link for the price of the property at near a million

5 This company “CPB” never does any work in Chester as it is too far
away, so they are not an expert in this area. See Witnesses statement.
CPB said they were surprised “L” did this in their name.
The qualifications of “L” is now in doubt or could be out of date.
6 We can now show this report by person L is also called “Mr Lovatt”
who then resigned after doing the report. See report by HB

6.1 Is Mr Lovatt the same as

Who is also Lancashire Constabulary
Saunders Lane
United Kingdom

who knows MA (my sister son in law) who medical records shows was trying to rob my mother and force her to sell her home cheap to Lawyer PB see

File Z bent cops


We now know “L” are involved with a lawyer PB. PB is known to price fix.
7 So this survey was done by someone outside their skills.
8. The survey should be done by a person in the local area & uptodate skill and not being investigated by RISC.
9. The survey misses the fact the building has subsidence which the
report should mention even if it has stopped.
10. The person L is known to PB and JB
11. The RISC have told me to report this to the police as without a doubt this is a crime.

See police incident number……..
12. RSIC will be reporting on this in 4 days time. So once again the
court case on the 9 of August should be paused.




Therefore what we have found

1 The elderly are targeted
2 The elderly estate are controlled by bent lawyer PB, JB, CP etc
3 The elderly person’s property is priced below value by charted survey person “L”
4 Then the property is listed on the web auction site at a low price.
And then the website sells the property to bent lawyers or friends.

Section B
Also is a letter trying to con the court that a buyer was contacted when they were not, and they appear in court.

They have done a letter to the court to show this lie by JB.

This was done to do fraud against my mother’s estate.

Section C
And Now JB is trying to put an injunction against me talking but as I am
finding criminal acts the court should not do such things.
And all this is now on line. And as it is reporting criminal actions
(has police numbers etc) it can not have an injunction on it.

It is an investigation into a on going crime.

Also this injunction affects my Human Rights and breaks my right to
fairness under common law.
If you apply for an injunction you need to do first a hearing on how
it removes my Human Rights (see Law) in this case.
Under the law I state your injunction affects my human rights and I
want this heard in court first.
Also the injunction you are doing is to sell a property cheaper than
its fair value, and others, and I state this is done for money
laundering and related to help terrorists. You must wait now for a
police check on this.

So why would a judge allow an injunction to put a property at a low
price, and ignore a court order and contract done in Dec 2019.

hy would a judge do an injunction when the tax office says JB are
doing fraud…
And we can show buyers who want to buy it at this high value and
estate agents wanting to list it. And you avoid this to help in a
But JB listed it with SDL auctions at a low price. SDL which has a
bad reputation. See it Trust pilot reviews.
You even list the sale on SDL auctions with legal issues so people
will not buy it.

And in The May 2021 court hearing states I can sue you if it is listed
below  the court order, so why would a judge allow an injunction to
allow this property to go for a low value?

See Judge of May 2021 of MRS JUSTICE ELLENBOGEN DBE (Exhibit 3A) who states that the Dec 2019 court
order is valid (£750,000 min for the property) and I can sue them if
they do not do this.

And against two past court orders by judges who state it goes for a
high value? You would have to tell the judge this or you are
misleading the court.

Also you are breaking a contract done in court which became a court
order in 2019.

In addition we can show massive corruption going on in the Liverpool
court as instead of my hearing to remove JB from my mother’s estate it
was all done to shut me up about a crime done to my mother.
This must be investigated.

So we can show justice was removed from the London court to help a bent lawyer who robs the elderly in Liverpool.

All done to allow a court hearing to help bent lawyer PB who is involved in my mother’s murder with Mr Green.


I, Dr Mark Jones state the following is true: I am the only bloodline of my mother Mavis Banks (22-6-1929, DoD 14-4-2015). There are no other living relatives. My late sister’s only living relative is MA and we agreed upon a contract that became a court order Dec 2019 See Final Settlement, that my mother’s property would sell for a minimum of £750,000 (page 6). Then James Beresford (JB) became executor in Jan 2020 by appointment of the Law society. I have found many serious faults with executor JB, which I have listed in the Table of JB actions. JB is without a doubt going to be struck off and not allowed to continue to be a lawyer in Probate. For these reasons, I have asked for JB to be removed from any dealings with my mother’s estate.
I am sorry this is a long statement but I was told to list all these issues. The long version is going to Parliament.

2.0 History

JB removed himself from my mother’s estate in a letter on 27 April 2020 page 7
On the 22 May 2020 JB removed himself in a court letter (Exhibit 22May 2020 page 8). Then no actions.
After hearing nothing from the court on the 16 Dec 2020, I had a court hearing with Master Bowles. I did what he told me to do and I sent a Claim Part 8 to JB  (Exhibit 18 DEC 2020 page 9). Also I contacted my late sister’s Estate which is MA (son in law) which I have done several times EXHIBIT MA 2021 page 10 Note MA works in the Police force. Also others such as my late sister husband David Boulbee (Exhibit DB 2021) page 11. But no one came back to me.  Also by the SAR on JB we know he did not contact them but said he did!
NOTE this is also what Master Pester asked for and I have done it.
And from the 2019 Dec court case I know both emails and numbers were correct. MA has not much to gain from the estate as I have the Lion share of it. Also MA has a police pension and my pension was my mother’s guest house. Also MA is now reported for crimes against my mother (can add police report). Master Bowles was clear the existing executor JB should be removed for reasons listed (See Table). Under law I should be the administrator of my mother’s estate. I will do the court order of Dec 2019 so why would anyone object? I will pay MA what they wanted in the Dec 2019 court order. So other than to cover-up a crime why would anyone want to damage the value of my mother’s estate other than Price Fixing. Then after doing what Master Bowles told me to do, Master Pester took over. He made this into Court case PT 2020 001009 on 1st of April 2021 (Page 12). I want this case to go back to Master Bowles who I saw on the 16 Dec 2020 and told me what to do. He was clear if I did this I would have this problem over he is up-to-date on the case. BUT there is corruption going on in the court, we can show files have been changed. JB has tried to do further damage to the estate even thou he knows he is being removed.  I did an appeal for hearing of Master Pester on 27 April 2020 (see Email on page1) to get this back to Master Bowles but I have had nothing back. And I have done what he told me to do, so I can be made Administrator of my mother’s estate. If that had happened none of these problems would have occurred and the property would have been sold for a million.

3.0 Table of JB actions. Short Version.
JB should be removed from my mother’s estate for the following reasons:
3.1. JB said my Mother’s funeral bill is not paid-But this is Wrong & he does not correct it.  JB said in his own court papers my mother’s funeral bill was not paid (page 13: see red box and £4889) when it clearly was (page 14 bank account. Exhibit Funeral bill).  JB cannot do his job, he is damaging the estate. And every time I ask for the accounts JB has not given me them so I cannot see if this is corrected-what is he hiding? And I have a right to these accounts as a beneficiary of the estate. In addition the estate must pay me money for work I put into the business of the estate and JB agreed that this must be paid (Exhibit page 13). BUT still he will not let me see the estate accounts.
3.2. JB has not obtained “Business Property Rates” (BPR). JB will not tell us if he will use the BPR. If JB used the BPR (Business Property Rates) for the estate this would save £100,000s on tax and return the money. The Experts said this should be done see Exhibit BPR see page 15.  I have a right again to see my mother’s accounts to see if BPR is used.  JB stops access to my mother’s accounts and is damaging my mother’s estate. Then on 28/7/2021 I received a letter from the Tax office (page 34-35). They said JB did not do the BPR (on phone) in his letters to TAX which is also what PB (past removed executor) tried to do. PB tried to remove BRP in 2015 to cause costs to force the sale of my mother’s home after her death. And then JB covered this all up when he took over as executor & tried to sell the property. And also this show the letter of administration by JB is wrong as they did not take in account BPR. Therefore the letter of administration letter by JB is deliberately wrong & can be removed. All done so PB actions could be covered up. PB takes control of Will to get the properties cheap- see separate file and new witnesses’ statements. And JB who help PB knew this.
3.3. JB removed my money from my bank account. JB removed money from Dr Jones Nationwide Bank account but The Financial Ombudsman Service is dealing with this and they have said this is very bad. On 27 Aug 2020 JB removed £48,545.68 from Dr. Jones’ bank account without warning. Also JB had no right to do this.
This money was originally from a joint business between my mother (in her name like most business but I had rights to access it, I paid money into it from guest which is work I did and not paid for yet. And this does not effect MA etc) and me which is a guest house business. The money is the profit after tax, which Dr Jones ran with his mother. This money was for a Sink fund for the business etc. I can show I took over the guest house in 2010 and my mother died in 2015. JB did not have a court order to remove this money. And by a SAR (Subject Access Request) to JB law firm-BLM, we can show (Exhibit JB 3 Sep 2020 page 16) BLM staff at his own firm say this money is mine. JB has therefore done s1 TA 1968 (theft) (Appropriation s3) (Property s4) (Belonging to another s5) (Dishonesty s2) (Intention to permanently to deprive s6). The money should be returned.
Also if JB had done BPR then he would have never had to take the 49k money to pay tax bill. As if BPR was done no Tax to pay, so JB said he took this money to pay tax, but the BPR shows no tax to pay.
3.4. JB ignored two buyers of my mother’s home for nearly a million. On 20 July 2020 a letter by BLM in a SAR (Subject Access Request) we can show lawyers JB, BLM & PB stopped the sale of my mother’s home two times for nearly a million…PB (is the past removed executor-PB said there was 100,000 debts which did not exist) told the new executor JB not to sell my mother’s home -twice…See Exhibit 20 July 2020 PB page 17. Fraud. Also JB & SDL ignored another buyer who wanted to buy my mother’s home for a million page 18. JB then blamed this on an estate agent when he was contacted many times and he ignored the buyers (Exhibits page 18. Note add others here if Judge wants). So why would MA want JB?
3.5. JB ignored the court removing him. JB knew he was being removed by the court but still put in Letters of administration in March 2021, Page 19 without giving me the sign off on the estate accounts. Which by Law he should have done.
3.6. JB also change the value of the property from min sell of £750,000 as in the court order Dec 2019 (see page 20) to £525,227 (page 19) in the letter of administration-so this is fraud. I spoke to Probate & HMTC-they say fraud. In the Dec 2019 court, an order was made- See Joint letter of Instruction. This is also a contract done by all parties (my later sister –MA and Me). The order was that my mother’s property should be sold for not less than £750,000 see page 19 & separate file. We have witnesses that Dec 2019 was clear, £750,000 min for the property sale Exhibit SS page 21.  JB actions would mean MA gets no money- so why would MA allow this and the contract that became the Dec 2019 court case final settlement (page 20) broken!
3.7. JB ignored the Dec 2019 court order based on a contract to sell the property at £750,000 minimum (Exhibit  page 20 ) and then listed it on auction site for £500,000 (Exhibit page 22  ) in May 2021. He used the fact he changed the value of property in his letter of administration to get away with this. JB also damaged the value of the property by listing it half price s1 Act 1971 (CAD 1971).
3.8. JB ignore the court removing him and knows what he is doing is bad. See SAR page 23-24 says they can ignore the court process to remove JB and sell the property which lawyers say they should not do as all of this looks criminal.
3.9. JB Price Fixing. Expert estate agents say the property is worth over 800,000 Exhibit page 25& 26
And others state it is worth a million Exhibit page 27. So what JB has done is reduce the value of the property. 
We can show 42 Hoole Road was sold for £400,000 in 2020 and then 7 months later for £720,000  (page 28) . That is a £320,000 increase in 7 months (80% increase) to a small property half the size of my mother’s property. A builder has said for this work to be done on our property, then this would cost £40,000. So £40,000 made a property from £400,000 to £720,000. Therefore it is not surprising that JB took £49,000 out of Dr Jones’ bank account. Which JB said was a Tax bill, but no such paperwork supports this. And the Tax Office said fraud is going on. Dr. Jones’ mother’s property is twice the size and commercial property with a massive footprint to build two other houses on.
42 Hoole Road is footprint 2874 square feet. 7 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 receptions so value at £720,000
My mother’s property is 32 Hoole Road Building footprint 1,848.92 ft2. And is 12 Massive bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and toilets. And JB and CP (works for JB) list the property for £500,000 when others say 800,000 plus.
3.10. Making Dr Jones Homeless in Covid. The December 2019 court order stated Dr Jones could stay and run his mother’s guest house and therefore earn income and this is also in all his mother’s past wills. He had to vacate the property only when it was sold and this was the contract that became the final Dec 2019 court order. See Exhibit Statements.  BUT then on Tue 21/4/2020 JB broke in and changed the locks to the property without telling Dr Jones. This was going on when the COVID 2020 law was enforced. The Coronavirus Act 2020 protects social and private tenants by delaying when landlords can evict tenants etc.
So JB had no legal right to do what he did. JB broke the COVID 2020 law and made Dr Jones homeless, and put Dr Jones’ life at risk. This also caused distress to Dr Jones who was also ill with COVID. Attempted murder.
JB then lied saying he had told Dr Jones he was going to do this, but no such evidence (Exhibits). So JB Lies.
3.11. JB Damaged the Property and did not repair it. Then later on Dr Jones found out that the property had the following done to it:
1. The property was damaged so it could not be a guest house. Beds were damaged, doors ripped off, etc.
2. Note medical staff (Doctors and nurses) who in the past stayed at the Guest House could not use it.
3. JB started a water leak on the 2nd floor flat, which was so bad it caused the ceiling to fall. See photos.
This problem kept being sabotaged by JB to reduce the property value. This was done to help PB (see below).
4. Dr Jones reported this to the police SD-12694-20-0107-00  See Exhibit  page 29
8.0 JB did nothing to repair the damages to the property. In fact, Dr Jones had the water leak stopped several times. JB should have repaired the damages. JB should have had property insurance to cover all this and then repaired it as it was damaged in his time. JB was asked about the insurance several times and in the court papers (DATE) but did not answer. I ask again BLM and JB do you have insurance for the property. As I am paying still for this. No answers. JB always wants to reduce the value of the property to help in price fixing.
3.12. JB needs a staff of 5 when the property was all ready for sale in Dec 2019.  I had ALL the action of administrator done in Dec 2019 (sent it into Master Bowles). I had buyer etc then JB took over and he needs  4 people which was found out by SAR Exhibit page 30  All done to run up a massive bill.
3.13. I have asked JB and BLM for ADR (can show emails) and they have ignored this.
End of Short version of the Table.

4.0 In the Dec 2019 Court case I was told I could not be the administrator of my mother’s estate-this was a lie.

5.0 The issues I want were the same ones I took to Master Bowles in Dec 2020. And MA is a police detective so he knows this is going on. Why would MA object to me being administrator if I can sell the property for £800,000 (Exhibit). Also why would MA keep JB if, JB damages the estate so MA cannot get any money. The reason is that MA knows there is a crime going on and helping cover-up this crime. MA knows PB involved in trying to get my mother’s home cheap in the past and ran up bills of 100,000 which never existed. This is in a separate file which the judge can read if they want.

6.0 In the April 1s 2021, Master Pester award cost against me for listing the hearing in London saying JB said this was wrong in his paperwork but JB does not say this. There is nothing in JB court papers on this issue. And I listed it in London court as I was told to by Master Bowles and other Masters. So this cost is removed?
Also Master Pester could have released the files there and then of my mother’s accounts which JB had.
Also Master Pester knew what JB had done to the estate. My witnesses on the 1st of April 2021 did not like Master Pester for these reasons. Master Pester could see JB had done many wrongs (See list in Table). JB could have removed JB as the Table of faults of JB are easy to see.
6.1 Master Pester could see on 24 March 2021 page 19, JB went and obtained a “Letter of Administration of Mavis Banks Estate,” knowing he was being removed. JB also listed the property value from £750,000 to £525,000 in the paper work, which is fraud. JB never gave me my mother’s accounts and by law I should have them and signed off them for this action. The Tax office & Probate office said Fraud is going on & JB cannot say otherwise. Also JB took £49K out of my business account without telling me and he had no right to do this and Master Pester could have released the Tax file but did not. JB broke the contract between the parties in the Dec 2019 court case by changing the property’s value in the Letter of administration which JB did.
Also Master Pester agrees with JB that there is no money in my mother’s estate BUT this is only possible if they both knew that there was no BPR done. As if BPR done there would be 100,000s money left.
Master Pester sees all this and does nothing. Then I hear nothing from the court until August?
6.2 There was no new court order on the price of the property, and if there was Dr Jones should have been involved as full blood of family. And Experts who have buyers for the property say it should be sold for £800,000 page 25,26,27.  There is price fixing by JB and we can show the auction house has done this before.
6.3 This property belongs to my mother’s estate and JB is being removed as administrator so s10(2) CAD 1971. JB actions was to cause damages. JB actions was done to help in “Price fixing property”. So under Gosh [1982] JB is dishonest (See Table 1) & should be removed and we are waiting for the court hearing but he keeps abusing his position as an administrator. And the court loses files to help keep this problem (see file).
6.4  Another SAR on JB shows they think they can ignore the fact JB is being removed and sell the property-cheap see page 23-24So BLM and JB are acting Ultra vires (Latin: “beyond their legal powers”).
6.5 SDL auctions, BLM & JB then ignore the Judge of May 2021 of MRS JUSTICE ELLENBOGEN DBE (Exhibit 3A) who states that the Dec 2019 court order is valid (£750,000 min for the property) and I can sue them if they do not do this. SDL auctions ignore the fact that the executor JB is being removed, therefore they should stop the sale of 32 Hoole Road CH2 3NJ for half price. Also my actions get the best price by listing it with Estate agent. 6.6 As I have greatest debts against the estate (see file) Exhibit 22 May 2020 &full bloodline I have right to be administrator of the Estate under r22NCPR 1987, So Please stamp this order (page 32). I have asked for revocation (removal) of JB on the 3 of June 2021 as he damaged my mother’s estate. The court said on the 22 June 2021 they are waiting for an Interim Applications Judge. Then it gets listed as something else.
7.0 Others and I see the courts being manipulated to allow crimes to be done by JB. I want JB removed and for me to be administrator. Others and I see this whole process drawn out to the advantage of JB manipulating the court.

8.0 I have already acted as an executor/administrator by the following actions:
8.1 Obtaining Business Property Rates (BPR) for my mother’s B&B see Exhibit BPR page 15
This saves 100000s for the estate. All the removed executors have done no work for this.
8.2 Looking after my mother’s property see Exhibit insurance Bizrates1 & Bizrates2 page 9 &10. Note in 2021 I had to do all of the insurance again as JB did nothing.
8.3 Listing my mother’s B&B as commercial business property for buyers. I include two responses of many which show a good sale see Exhibit: Cavendish Page 25
8.4 I found buyers for my mother’s commercial business see example Exhibit M page 18
8.5 Sorting out other duties etc. paying the ongoing bill of the B & B etc.
8.6 I have found an accountant who is doing the IHT 400, BRP etc. page 15
8.7 Since Aug 28, 2019, I have been doing Cilex law course at Westminster University and specialising in probate Exhibit Law Course.
8.8 I have a clean police record Exhibit P1 and no other legal actions to prevent me from doing this. Page 31
8.9 Therefore, by legal case history Re Stevens [1897] I have acted as executor/administrator. I am asking for this now to be official by the court stamp on Statement of Truth for Administrator (updated as suggested by lawyers) see page 32.
Can all correspondences be by email as I am travelling. My email is Also all post sent to Dr Mark Jones 154 Ashgrove Road West Aberdeen AB16 5BD

9.0 Therefore, I have asked to become Administrator of my mother’s estate to be stamped (page 32).
9.1 For JB to be removed as anything to do with the estate (page 33).
9.2 And, If all that fails to have my mother property listed with Cavendish Estate agents for £750,000 minimum sale (page 25)

Thank you. I am sorry this was a long document but I was told to put all of this into this file.