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From: Dr Mark Jones FRSM
Parliamentary Candidate
Freeman of the City of London
All correspondences by email,

To The Rt. Honourable Boris Johnson, MP
Prime Minister
Office of the Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

To The Rt. Priti Patel, MP
Home Secretary
Direct Communications Unit
2 Marsham Street
London, SW1P

To Police Fraud

To Mr. Paul Philip the Chief Executive of the SRA you are involved in TAX FRAUD & murder cover-up by SRA not taking action
To Ms Heather,

In response to Ms Heather Complaints Officer of SRA of 25/2/2020

You sent me an email on 24 Jan 2020, and you reference a letter from 10 of January and other dates from me etc (see your own email at the bottom of this page).
You say my email of 10 Jan is the same content, but this is not true. You do not show any investigations or reports from the crimes sent to you.
Please see the email, Feb 6, 2020, at 4:06 PM which I have updated.
I point out new issues you have not looked at – FACT.
Please answer this and the email Feb 6 2020 onwards.
Also Email Date: Fri, Jan 31, 2020 where by using your defined SRA rules of conduct, Bartlett and yourself are failing. And you do not answer these points.

Please answer the following points I list below and back up how you can show you investigated these issues. I request a SAR (Subject Access Request) to check this.
I also asked for this in the email of Date: Thu, Feb 6, 2020.
We have in Dec 2019 a court case that showed many issues you have not investigated. The new evidence is lawyers hitting the elderly (my mother) who then are murdered, Tax fraud, to stealing etc

First Example
1) Bartlett lied about 100,000 care bills for my mother when it was in fact 10,000 (in fact none), and he did this in the tax files he put to the taxman. This is fraud & you are helping to cover this up.
See this weblink with Bartlett’s own files for the court case in Dec 2019 of his own letters.

Bartlett as executor of my mother’s will lied to the court saying 100,000 care bills when in fact it was 10,000, he even lied to the tax man


1.1 Letter From Bartlett showing the amount of money in debt by the pen point. The Letter below 7 March 2017
£101,629.00 (LIE with 100,000 that did not exist) (this was done from 2015 onwards)

1.2 The letter Bartlett sent to Tax HM Revenue & Customs in 2016. See Official Tax Document below. Sent to Tax HM Revenue & Customs as true!!! BUT a lie of 100,000 and repeated in other files Bartlett did.

1.3 Then the letter Bartlett was forced to send to the court in 2019 Dec all files. Note he blames my dead sister for the bill being wrong on the 100,000, but he was the executor of my mother’s will by force.
Bartlett knew this 100,000 was wrong from 2015 onwards.
MA (sister son in law) would have also known this was a lie. TAX FRAUD.

1.4 The Stamp on the letter from the company Bartlett owned (Matthew Lewis) state bill received on 22 July 2015 for 10,000 and clearly never was 100,000 And nothing to do with my sister. Bartlett lied!

1.5 This Letter shows the true bill in 2015, which Bartlett and MA knew about. Note Court medical experts said my mother was very ill so should not have to pay. Letter Sent to Bartlett in 2015.

1.6 The Court was unaware of these above actions; therefore, Bartlett & Green (Bartletts Barrister) went to Court with dirty hands From 2016 ONWARDS. They lied about this and other things.

1.7 Ex turpi causa non oritur actio.

1.8 We ask for all Court action to be removed in any court case Mr Bartlett & Green is involved with Me as they used the above lie in all parts of the court case I had with them.

1.9 We seek damages from 2007 onwards when Bartlett first started these actions with his lawyer Mr Woodside help IN THIS by damaging my mother’s will for self gain.

1.10 They preyed on my mother, who had medical issues for gain. They did this to others. And they knew the police detective who was in charge of preventing these crimes MA who in 2019 asked for 180,000 in court from my mother’s estate which he knew he should not have and he did other crimes see

A bent police detective MA who should investigates but does not, puts up firewall & witnesses shut up & he asks for 180k from my mother estate

1.11 They failed their duty of care to my mother and me.

1.12 The lawyers said Bartlett and Woodside did the Wills wrong on purpose to cause problems and cause costs.
AND we did not know about this until after the court case Dec 2019, and only in 2020 I was told it was tax fraud by the Tax HM Revenue & Customs

1.13 Also Bartlett was done in the past by the Law Society by 300,000 fine
SEE Mr. Bartlett reported in the March the 6th in 2006 by the Law Society File No 8751-2003

2) The court medical expert said my mother was hit by Woodside her lawyer to gain from my mother,
The lawyer Woodside who works for Bartlett and you can check all of this by asking the court for the medical expert to talk to you.
He is also a lawyer and says the Wills were done wrong by this law firm to deliberately cause trouble to make money.
You were sent a tape where this was done to others.

Bartletts Solicitors Chester.

3) There is no doubt my mother was nearly killed in 2013 and them murdered in 2015.
3.1) coroner trying to hide my mother’s inquest tape, where Dr Bland lied and was struck off in 2018
4) We can now show from Dec 2019 court case a police detective MA (sister son in law) also gain by this and therefore no investigations occurred. BUT this is about to change due to the other crimes.

A bent police detective MA who should investigates but does not, puts up firewall & witnesses shut up & he asks for 180k from my mother estate

4.1) then when I said to Barlett that we can prove my sister drugged my mother, Barlett then says my sister is being cremated.
4.2) when my mother died in 2015 Bartlett turned up to value my mother’s business with my sister with a black eye and she looked scared,
4.3) Bartlett lied about my mother’s business to make sure it would not get business rates on tax form, instead be a home and pay tax not required but to force sale which Bartlett controlled.
And Barlett rowed with my mother’s accountant who said it was a business.
Dec 2015 my mother’s accountant Barbara Dunbavand who wanted to help me, then died strangely and the coroner was Nicholas Rheinberg (who did my mother’s inquest…and will not release my mother’s inquest tapes and threatened me. Also known to
And now in 2020 accountants and lawyers say
Looking at what you have gathered so far, you do have plenty of evidence to show that the property was a business property and not simply residential,

Bartletts Solicitors Chester.

5) The wills of my mother were deliberately done wrong to make work for law firms.
6) and you can show no evidence you have investigated any of the above as if you did you would be like the taxman and other saying murder and fraud is going on here done by bent lawyes who has a history of doing this.
7) You say no new evidence, but you are sent the above.

Then you go on about a consent order which you could ask the court for but
1) my mother was murdered
2) fraud has occurred
3) lawyers did wills wrong to gain out of all of this and done too many others.
You deliberately look like you are hiding these crimes.

I also ask for SAR Subject Access Request on all of this now to see what you have done.,

Please answer this & the Feb 6 email below you were sent
Or get your boss to respond to this
I will be naming you in court proceedings at the RCJ.

Dr Mark Jones FRSM
MBA, PhD, Ma, PgDip :.
Freeman of the City of London


———- Forwarded message ———
From: Dr Mark Jones <>
Date: Thu, Feb 6, 2020 at 4:06 PM
Subject: To Boris Johnson, SRA, CPS, Head of Police etc SRA & bent cop protects lawyer who medical experts say a hit my mother for gain. Also 100,000 bill was 10,000 & lied to Tax man worth 000,000s lie
To: Heather Douglas <Heather.Douglas>, Uxbridge and South Ruislip MP Rt Hon Boris Johnson <>, <>, Greg <handsg@>, Jeremy <>, Chris Matheson <chris@>, Zac Goldsmith <zac@>, AF Team <>, Public Contact <>, Attorney General <>, !enquiries <>,

From: Dr Mark Jones FRSM
Parliamentary Candidate
Freeman of the City of London
All correspondences by email,

Dear Boris Johnson,
& head of SRA, Head of Police, Head of CPS, etc

Dear Heather,
The Consent Order 12 December 2019 is irrelevant.

There is Tax Fraud of 100,000 bills which are listed in TAX paper done by Bartlett and in his own court documents.
There is further Tax Fraud of undervaluing my mother’s home by 750,000

Bartletts Solicitors House Valuations.

vs 450,000 in Bartlett’s letter

Bartlett as executor of my mother’s will lied to the court saying 100,000 care bills when in fact it was 10,000, he even lied to the tax man

Then further Tax Fraud when, in fact, my mother’s home was business, so no death tax, but Bartlett did this to let him steal my mother’s home.
Looking at what you have gathered so far, you do have plenty of evidence to show that the property was a business property and not simply residential, so you should pass this on to the solicitor handling your mothers estate,

I have pointed out serious crimes done by a lawyer backed up by court submitted documents by the same lawyer.
I have updated my email I sent to you on 31 Jan with new issues I want to be answered.
See many points such as
I ask a Subject Access Request or Freedom of Information for how many times Bartlett Law, Bartlett, Woodside or Green etc. have had complaints


As my mother was murdered (she said lawyer hit her to change her will against her wishes)
and my mother’s accountant’s death was said by the coroner strange, but she was, in fact, raising the alarms about this lawyer.
My sister’s death occurred after her looking for me in fear and then Bartlett telling me she had died the day before her cremation.
Then in Dec 2019 finding out in court that a Police Detective MA gains so explanation why no investigation into the said lawyers.

You look like you are involved in the possible cover-up of murders & Tax fraud.

The SRA needs to take action otherwise by their own code of conduct they are failing and breaking their duty of care which allows legal actions against them.
This is urgent, as other lives are at risk.
Best wishes


———- Forwarded message ———
From: Dr Mark Jones <>
Date: Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 2:33 AM
Subject: with key LAW Fwd: To Boris Johnson, SRA, CPS, Head of Police etc SRA & bent cop protects lawyer who medical experts say a hit my mother for gain. Also 100,000 bill was 10,000 & lied to Tax man

Any suggestions welcome, I have added law

Dear Heather,

Is the SRA, and you are saying the settlement out of court can ignore the following crimes? LIKE MURDER? TAX Lies, Robbing & hitting ill elderly ladies for gain?

Please see

which lists that lawyers should be “trusted to the ends of the earth” (Bolton v Law Society [1993] EWCA Civ 32)

1 New evidence from court case in Dec 2019, that shows my mother was murdered and Bartlett used it for gain. Experts say it should reopen my mother’s corrupt first inquest done by a coroner Bartlett knew.
Are you saying ignore this? Is that what the SRA does?

2 Bartlett knew I was upset by my mother’s horrific murder and cover-up and was so damaged by this and other actions he did, he would not be investigated. So he tried it on like he did to others

2.1 There is no doubt that the £100,000 debt for my mother’s care bill which was really £10,000 trick by Bartlett is a serious crime; he even sent £100,000 costs to the death tax which did not exist.

This is Fraud.

Wed Link here with Bartlett’s own court papers showing the above is what he did. Also in email below from 28 Jan 2020

Bartlett as executor of my mother’s will lied to the court saying 100,000 care bills when in fact it was 10,000, he even lied to the tax man

2.2 In Nov 2019 Bartlett & Green lied to me saying the drop of £100,000 care bill debts of my mother to £10,000 was by my actions.

And this is on tape but see exhibits his own office stamp shows from 2015 he knew the real cost was £10,000. NOT £100,000

2.2.1 Bartlett undervalued my mother’s guest house by £750,000 and on tapes he says not a problem..

SRA support this…?

3. without permission Bartlett took money from my mother’s account which was nothing to do with funeral costs etc

And this must be investigated… or do you think he can get away with this?

Over course it gets worse Bartlett took £3522 out of my mother’s £60,000 bank account in 15/2/2016 and refuses to say what it was for, refuses to release any details whatsoever!
See in all emails to SRA the following 17 May 2016 onwards. So SRA support this?
see Bultitude v Law Society [2004] EWCA Civ 1853

Mr Bartlett cannot explain where money (see 2nd of August email to him “Please explain the £3522.00 paid from Mavis Banks (my dead mother) Nationwide bank (on the 15/2/2016) without permission. And has nothing to do with the funeral as can see that and other bills were paid with receipts) is going. Mr Bartlett became executor on Jan 2016 (see Exhibit B7 Note it says by TYPED 2015 see other links)
3.2 Also, before my mother died, my sister said my mother had no money. I found my mother’s bank book and my sister was forced to say to the court she had forgotten 40,000 of my mother’s money.
(this is on web site exhibits and sent to SRA).
3.3 Then, after my mother’s death, £70,000? appears, and we want to know where this came from?

3.4 this is a serious crime being ignored
3.5 On the website, he is listed as doing this to others.

4 Now in 2020 we find Bartlett did not deal with as executor from 2015 my mother’s shares Worth 100,000s~?

which I found out by accident in 2020.

And as executor of my mother’s will Barrett should have known about this but not listed on Tax form etc More Tax Fraud.

Was this going to be put into his pocket?

Does SRA get a cut of these crimes?

4.1 My sister said my mother had no money and then again MA, and Bartlett knew otherwise (see web site)

4.2, in fact, my sister went to court and said she had forgotten £40,000 of my mother’s money (Exhibit court document by Sister 2013 on website).

4.3 and then after my mother’s death and I started to investigate £70,000 appeared in my mother account.

Bartlett as executor knew about these too.

5 Section: Court case…

The court case finished in Dec 2019.

it was settlement out of court in a court that was corrupt due to the following:

I was not allowed, my witnesses or statements …NOT a fair Trial see HRA.

And other things that even the clerk said was very bad ( i am not allowed to tape in court, but it was a set up).

The Manchester judge Nov 2019 said this was a bad case and I do not doubt if he had been the judge this case would have been different outcome.

The Manchester judge took Bartlett on about his strange high costs and introducing his own court witness ignoring the court etc.

The different judge in Liverpool 2019 Dec knew Bartlett and MA and allowed bad stuff to go on.

6 In the Dec 2019 court, my barrister and others saw the video of my mother saying she was hit by Woodside who was her lawyer and works for Bartlett,

My mother said the following;

that she was forced to change her will,

that she was told she had no money to force her to sell her home by Woodside and my sister but this is a lie as £70,000 in my mother’s bank but sister hide it? But Woodside knew about this cash.

and the final will left me everything as i put money into my mother’s home.

All of the court agreed this was shocking but Bartlett and Woodside & MA.

The court medical expert said the UNCUT video was authentic and as it showed me walking into the nursing home and then back out and no way it was set up. My mother was telling the truth.

That she was clearly from the court case murdered to shut her up, but this was not looked at in court case and barristers avoid this issue.

Then my barrister said in private, and I recorded it he wasn’t going to use the video in court and he would drop me in mid-court case if I was going to use it.

I would probably lose everything but if i DID a deal then better off.

So the video of my mother being hit was not used….by corruption.

So the whole court case was done to make it look my not so smart dead sister was involved with all the problems…..and was the bad person.

Also the SRA knew about this video and did nothing. The SRA helped protect lawyers who attack the elderly for gain?

Also in 2020 Bartlett sent a letter for 6k which was in Dec 2019 part of the end deal, so he broke his word.

7 And as my barrister said after the court case

7.1.1) I could take legal action on Woodside for hitting my mother

7.1.2) Woodside did wills and changed them when my mother clearly had dementia and Woodside broke every rule in law

Woodside knew what he was doing was wrong

he failed in his Duty of Care, and it was clearly done to help Bartlett & MA (sister son in law) to gain.

And Bartlett and his lawyer Green knew this too.

7.2 The barrister said I should reopen my mother inquest as new evidence shows in 2013 clear attempt of murder and other issues (BUT he did not want to do this).

In 2013 I found out that my mother was being drugged in a nursing home and mom wanted to see an alternative lawyer as Woodside hit her; then she was nearly murdered.

Woodside knew Dr Bland who drugged my mother and ran that nursing home and Dr Bland was struck off in 2018.

It took a month to kill my mother by trapping her in bed in a bad nursing home.

Removing food and drink from her and stopping me seeing her for only 3 times a week for 1 hour with 2 social workers to stop the press seeing this (I was checked that I did not have a camera etc to record this)

Dr Bland knew Dr N who gave my mother morphine for no clinical reason…after I saw her nearly poisoned. Also hit to try to shut her up.

See website for crime

Bartletts Solicitors Chester.

8 Finally

Bartlett is a person who lies all the time

see my mother’s care bill of £100,000 that became £10,000

Bartlett with Green said in Nov court that the reduction of 100,000 to 10,000 was due to me and that was a lie, and I record it on tape…he lies over and over again as his own papers show the bill was 10,000

Bartlett and Woodside (Green too as he went to court with this and did other things) are dangerous to people including the elderly and I have that on tape.

This lie is on Bartlett Tax form he did for my mothers estate from 2015 onwards.


Bartlett became the executor of my mother’s Will by force

Bartlett was told not to do this (emails etcc)…but he did it like RAPE, as he planned to do the following
undervalued my mother home by 750,000
then force the sale of my mother’s home
by 100,000 care bill lie which he knew from the start was a lie.
Also by saying my mother had no money (Woodside action on tape)
All done by Bartlett to buy my mother’s home cheap.

8.2 As my mothers home was also a business, Bartlett knew no tax to be applied, but he did it anyway.

8.2.1 Therefore another Tax fraud by undervaluing my mother’s home.

8.3 Then when Mr Bartlett was trying to force the sale of my mother’s home in 2015, he went to Barbra Dunbavand (BD) (my mother’s accountant for her Business) to say it had to death pay tax.

Then BD told me this was not an issue and would help as my mother’s business should not have Death tax on it, then she died strangely (see Coroner report), and she wanted to help me.

see website for court exhibits

Bartlett law & Fraud, murder, corruption

8.4 Then as I investigate, my mother’s money appears with no explanation.

8.4.1 Then when my mother’s money appears the 100,000 lie debt by Bartlett was going to be used to steal this money.


I ask a Subject Access Request or Freedom of Information for how many times Bartlett Law, Bartlett, Woodside or Green etc. have had complaints

10 I state my mother like many other elderly were hit and abused by lawyers and murdered.

The SRA did not remove bad lawyers.

10.1 This is a breach of duty of care by the SRA so damages can be sort.

Also Please explain what is a copy of the December Consent Order? All legal actions has stopped.

11 I want all correspondence between you and Barlett and related lawyers. Bartlett has been told to do this by ICO but ignores it.

Solicitors Regulation Authority v Spence [2012] EWHC 2977

12 I am using all of these crimes for a change in the law to do with Dementia & Will Fraud.

For more issues see below and the web site

Corrupt Solicitors Chester.

13 And using

Ivey v Genting Casinos (UK) Ltd t/a Crockfords [2017] UKSC 67

TEST as stated by the SRA.

Bartlett, Woodside & Green are guilty

and should be struck off (Bolton v Law Society [1993] EWCA Civ 32. Law Society v Salsbury [2008] EWCA Civ 1285 and Solicitors Regulation Authority v Dennison [2012] EWCA Civ 421).

To protect the public

Bryant v Law Society [2007] EWHC 3043 (Admin); Law Society v Waddingham [2012] EWHC 1519

I hope to hear from you soon