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My explanation to the problems going on in the NHS and care homes in Parliament was seen as correct but not made public.
I then did a talk which many found matched what they had seen happen in hospitals and care home’s with deaths and cover ups. See my video here
There are now many cases of the LCP (pathway to death) in different forms being used unlawfully  which was given to Jeremy Corbyn (20 July 2017) and then I had a meeting with Lachlan Stuart (29th of August 2017). And now it can be shown this industry of premature death is making billions (private pension, medical actions/cover ups by lawyers).
Also it has many who sabotage any way to stop this problem being solved as it makes money (stealing homes from the elderly) and is tied into blackmail (see report on LCP staff) and this means a never ending problems with the NHS and lawyers fees. And we have a group of highly trained hidden protected serial killers doing jobs for bad lawyers to steal and also manipulate all the way to the top: including judges (see UK column links).
See also
Therefore I am now asking for an investigation into my mother’s murder as at the same time babies (more than 15 could be 100s) were being murdered and many others all within 4 mins walk of each other. The following is backed up by a legal pack of over 100 documents (see attachments) to prove what I am saying.
The background to this cover up culture is due to the 30 plus years of NHS cases such as Will Powell: a father who showed his son’s death was covered up, and incidents such as Gosport Hospital, Middlesex hospital etc. It is clear that criminals outside the NHS use this “cover-up” effect to help them cover up their crimes. The people who killed my mother and others are free to do these crimes over again and this must stop. If not then you are responsible for helping in these crimes by not stopping the government money being misused.
I can show in 2015 that the CQC visited Pinetum nursing home to do a standard inspection. My mother was trapped in this nursing home against her wishes.
By law, the CQC have to read my mother’s DOLS report which said my mother was on the pathway of death against her wishes. They would have known about my complaints about what was going on with my mother.
Also at the same time, the hospital said they had not put my mother onto the pathway of death (LCP) which I had also told the CQC at the same time. This is important as they were also told my mother was a witness to several crimes including a group of lawyers stealing from the elderly and a pedo ring. Then months later after my mother’s murder, the CQC released to the public the inspection report (which many say is strange as it took too long) saying no one was on the death pathway which is clearly a lie.
see attachment: mum66.pdf
As the CQC are paid to monitor the pathway of death (LCP) it means people are at risk as they clearly failed to do their job as my mother was slowly murdered and they could have stopped this. And it is clear this was all done deliberately.
We need the names of the people who did this CQC report to stop this happening again. Also at the same time less than 4 minutes walk away at the Countess of Chester hospital babies were murdered (See Newspapers).
The correct number of babies’ deaths is bigger than the official stated 15 as many parents are going to court, so these deaths are not listed. And now, it can be shown a year before this, Barber Williams’ husband died there (see statement below), and this looks like murder by people pretending to be hospital staff who were not and also were after his organs (see Brian UK Column recording). More demonstration of the CQCfailling to monitor care.
Add to this in 2015. As I went undercover and found this fact. Then when I did not take the money a group of lawyers tried to destroy me (see Nasty J B QC, saw my mother’s case was murder and will not let me have the files back, also tried to cause me trouble).
Back to my mother’s case in 2015 and it can be shown that my mother was trapped in a nursing home against her wishes, trapped in a bed without access to a wheelchair. All done to stop her from obtaining food and drink. I was, in fact, limited to seeing my mother for only 3 times a week for 1 hour by 2 social workers (Jenny Stretton and Mandy Buckly and boss Le Calva) whose job was to make sure I did not record any of this and marched me in and out of Pinetum nursing home. All done due to a DOLS based on lies, and I have no criminal record.
Also, all of the actions of the Social workers make no sense and cost a lot of money.
 A group of four DOLS were used to trap my mother and stopped her seeing independent experts & lawyers, which a judge saw and said for one year were strange & expensive. Once again CQC did not look at this issue or anyone else who ignoring my many requests for help and lawyers misleading me.
In 2015 I had to watch over a month as my mother was slowly killed in front of me as she cried for help and wanted to live and once again lawyers deliberately misguiding me. On one occasion I visited my mother, I saw her reject a drink by a nurse (
68220/2018 (Ms J. P AKA Nurse Jennifer Peter ) & > 68221/2018 (Ms T. S AKA Tracy Simpson NOTE all set up)
My mother begged for a drink and then to reject it made no sense as she was dehydrated. And when I tasted the drink, my mother rejected it tasted like poison (common trick) and I reported it to police detective DS Nomdedeu who was put on to my mother’s case (who knew police Det MA- Michael Ankers) and then later on after my mother autopsy the corners R destroyed this evidence.
Attachment about drink issues here: drink2n.jpg
The same coroner who then would not release the inquest tapes which is breaking the rules as my mother inquest was Article 2 inquest due to my mother being on a DOLS.
A series of DOLS which was done to stop me seeing mistakes done to my mother but also to stop others seeing she did not have dementia but was against her will trapped in a nursing home to prevent her report that a lawyer ( Mr W) had hit her to try and steal her home (Mr B) in 2010 before her stroke which was caused by this action.
And what I found out was that a group of lawyers (Mr W & Mr B) prey on the elderly and buy law firms to obtain probates which they use for self-gain. These lawyers were known to the police (MA) and undertakers as rotten to the core.
Two lawyers who knew coroner  Nicholas Rheinberg (AKA R). who was described by as bad.  R who had many people dislike him but Chester MP smiled about him!!!!!
R was also listed by others (see link)
And when I asked questions that showed crimes, the coroner at my mother’s inquest shut me up and threatened me. This can be heard on the inquest tape he does not want to go public.
My mother’s inquest where two doctors lied under oath, and one of them Dr Bland (surgery office across the road from my mother’s guest house and just down the road from the bent lawyers) was later struck off in 2018 as a massive pedo. Then also at my mother’s inquest the police detective N (works also with kids !) who knew MA (half-sisters son in law) who gains out of my mother death also lied under oath.
And in the past, my mother’s guest house might have been used by a pedo ring (Police det MA involved). As my mother was deeply troubled by events done by MA pre-2009.
Add to this my mother in 2009 took the front door key to her home from police detective MA and said he was never allowed again in her guesthouse as she found him doing something so bad she never saw him again. And then my mother never spent Christmas with him and removed pictures of him. And also we have a medical report which was not tampered with (unlike the official records) which names MA forcing my mother to sell her home and my mother says he is stealing from her.
We can also show in these medical records that someone one who knew MA was stealing from my mother.
 Then the same police detective MA after my mother’s inquest went to NZ to show he could threaten and shut me up by attacking my daughter. Clearly trying to lean on me.
And when I asked why he did this the Chester police office could not answer as they knew he would know that officially as he was involved in my mother’s murder he should of never done this or gone anywhere near my daughter….and for this reason he should be removed from his job.
 The case is made even more complex and nasty by the fact my mother was nearly murdered in 2013 when it was found out she was being drugged to look like she had dementia by Dr Bland.
Just before my mother’s attempted murder in 2013, she wanted to see an independent lawyer, but when this was found out, they tried to kill her. Then all of these events was ignored by the police (due to MA as they all knew him). And as my mother became less drugged my mother said a lawyer (W or Mr B) hit her to change her will by force and help steal her home.  Video and other evidence at
Mr W who works with another lawyer Mr B buys law firms to obtain probate and then sells their homes and then sell them for under value to friends. Add to this Dr Bland before he was struck off as pedo in 2018 ran the death pathway for the elderly in Chester and knew MA.
And in the past  in 2014 my mother was moved to Pinetum nursing home, which was set up by Dr Bland after failing to kill her in the first nursing home and I stopped him taking care of my mother again. Dr Bland who gains by her death and knew Pinetum nursing home was a hidden death trap for the elderly. Dr Bland knew Dr Nicholson who was going to be my mother’s doctor in Pinetum nursing home. When I asked Dr Nicholson he clearly said he did not know Dr Bland in 2014 onwards.  Both these doctors lied at the inquest saying they did not know each other, as it can be shown they signed the cremation documents together.  And as they did this they hide serious evidence of other crimes done to people of all ages.
And as my mother finally became better in 2015 after being on the pathway of death for a month and clearly getting better, then DR Nicholson who put my mother on to morphine for no clinical reason, so this is murder.
Also, my mother’s accountant Barber Dunbavand died strangely in 2016 when she wanted to help me and her husband was a doctor who lives close to others in this case,
Note same Coroner R did this case!
And it gets nasty. As Dr B (pedo) surgery was across the way from my mother’s home, Lawyer (Mr B & W) was down the road. And Barber Due was near the other bad lawyer (Mr B).
And finally in the past it is clear that in 2010 my mother was attacked to force her to sell her home against her wishes by Mr W or MA or Mr B.  And my mother should of gone to hospital but Dr Bland did not do this as he knew that I would come back and then stay and prevent them from selling my mother’s home as I was building a wet room for us to live together. I found this out by the fact that Dr Bland was clinical negligent by asking why in a law frim why my mother nearly dide in 2010 by  hospital acquired infections which nearly killed her. But instead other facts came out.
Note Dr Bland works in the hospital as for minor surgery.
See attachment: mum2009.jpg
I want my MP to investigate this as on top of all that I saw in 2014 where my mother was placed in Pentium nursing home it was taking NHSservices. And I saw it was killing patients (data shows this) to save money and that is why the Dr Bland (struck off )pedo doctor sent her there to kill her.
And also in 2015 when I was trying to save my mother from the pathway of death she was put onto, Chester council paid an expensive lawyer from London (known to Mr B)  to stop the story being on the news (RT NEWS BBC) by injunction. As if it had been in the news my mother would been pulled off the pathway of death as people would of seen a woman who could of lived. And we can show Chester council also lied to press by an email which was given to me (Sunday mail etc). That is a lot of money Chester council paid to cover up a crime: DOLS, Social workers, Lawyers CQC investigation etc All of this is taxpayer money used to cover up the crime of crimes to protect criminals who steal from elderly.
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Also tape
Case Two Barbara Williams
———- Forwarded message ———
From: Barbara williams
Date: Wed, Feb 20, 2019 at 3:44 PM
Subject: Death of Husband

My husband, John Matthew Williams, was aged 77 years, when he was, I believe, killed by the inappropriate administration of opioids, in the A. & E. Dept at the Countess of Chester Hospital, on the 7th January,2014.

There were no means by which the staff could be individually identified – none wore name-badges or lanyards.
I was accompanied throughout by my granddaughter & son-in-law. We had been told by Mr. Dave Worthington,Paramedic, that John had * independant respiratory, cardiac out-put and was to be assessed for intensive care. Immediately following Mr.Worthingtons* departure, the Consultant, Dr. Wilson, came into the relatives* room, with two women in blue * scrubs *. Dr.Wilson told us that they were leaving him to * slip away naturally *. I related what the Paramedic had told us. Dr.Wilson reiterated that * no, they weren leaving him to slip away naturally *, I said, * no, I want you to do the best that you can for him, please.*.
We went into resuscitation room, my son-in-law Peter preceeded me, John said * hello son * and raised his hand. I asked John at once if he had any pain anywhere, he said * no *. He was not connected to any machinery and I could detect no sign of cognitive impairment. A nurse in a striped dress came up behind John and inserted a tube into his nostril, without telling him what she was doing or why. I said * hello * to this nurse & she did not respond. A few minutes later one of the women who had entered the relatives* room came into the resuscitation room, she will have heard John talking to me. We did not see that she had a syringe in her hand. She ignored us and picked up Johns arm to give him an injection. We did not know what was in the injection or what it was for. She was very quick. Within thirty seconds or so John was dead. We stayed with him for a few minutes, then realised we needed to let our family & friends know John was gone. As we were leaving the room, a young girl in pink scrubs who was near the door, looked at me over her shoulder and asked if they could * have his skin *. I asked her what she had just said and she turned & faced me and said * do you think we can have his skin *? I said * no, just leave him alone please *. Upon stepping into the  passage-way, a nurse in a striped dress called to us, that we could not go anywhere as there was a police-officer on the way to identify my husbands* body. The officer arrived very quickly, and once he had left we waited around for a short while, but no-one came so we went home
In the April I received a letter from Geraint Jones, complaints manager, informing me that John had been given morphine. I telephoned the Coroners* Office, spoke to Yvonne Williams, explained that I was concerned that Johns* death was being attributed to natural causes, when it was nothing of the kind, given his well-documented, multiple warnings of morphine-intolerance.
Yvonne told me that I needed to bring in the police. I did so, and eventually had a visit from D.C. Jenny Black & her colleague D.C. Andy ?. I asked them – what would have happened, had I given John morphine. They both told me that I would have been arrested on suspicion of Johns* murder. I asked why should it be any different when a Dr does that. Neither of the two Detectives were able to answer me.
On her second visit, D.C. Black took away a further six medical notes attesting to Johns* morphine-intolerance, making eight in total, remarking that they were undated, and that she would have to go back to the hospital to try to establish an approximate date. D.C. Blacks* attendance at the Coroners* Office was confirmed by Christine Hurst.
D.C. Black was to ring me at some point & I asked her what we were looking at. She replied * involuntary manslaughter, and added that, had Johns* body not been cremated then they would have applied for an exhumation order.
I heard nothing from Cheshire C.I.D. for some weeks and rang for an up-date. I received a telephone call on a Sunday morning, from D.C. Simon Owen, who told me that D.C.Black had gone on sick-leave, and that the file had gone to a senior officer to see if they could any more resources into the investigation. I spoke to the IPCC whon referred me to the Police & Crime Commissioner.
There was no Inquest to determine the cause of death . Mr. Nicholas Rheinberg declined to hold an Inquest and following his retirement the Chief Coroner for Cheshire Mr.Alan Moore also declined. I have correspondence from both. I one of his letters MrMoore says that * had he known nearer the time, he would have handled the case differently*.
I have two expert opinions confirming that the Coroner * failed in his statutory duty to hold an Inquest.
In October of 2017 Mr.Moore forwarded a copy of a letter sent to him from Dr.Wilson, in which DrWilson confirms that John was given midazolam, and that John would not have survived entubation in I.C.U., and that the drugs chart was inaccessible at this time. It was * accessible * to the GMC who confirmed that they have a copy.
The police shut down the investigation on the grounds that there was * no toxicology .*. Since they were aware that there was no autopsy, hence no toxicology, it is worrying why they said * involuntary manslaughter * at the point they did.
We had no unrealistic expectations in respect of Johns* life-expectancy, and his end of life care was openly discussed within the family.
Our Christian faith means that we are vehemently opposed to the protocols related to DNR/CPR, nothing would have induced me to agree to John not being offered every possible help.
Barbara Williams.
END of Barbara Williams Case
Case Three: Angela Johnson
Angela Johnson here. regarding the death of my mother Alice (2014). Here it is:
My mum went from a Dementia Care Home to a Mental Health Hospital (I think they should have been able to assess her in the home). Care Home and Mental Health Nurse said my mums mental not physical health had deteriorated and had sent her to a MHH to be assessed. If she was physically ill they would have sent her straight to a Medical Hospital. She was ok at first eating and drinking and talking and they asked me to take her zimmer frame in to the Hospital – then all of a sudden they said they didn’t require the zimmer as things had changed. The nurses started to avoid me and turn away and not answer my questions when i asked about my mum being unconscious. The Psychiatrist said my mum had fell into a coma through incurable infections and there was no more he could do. The staff became hostile with me when I said I wasn’t happy with her care and their refusal for her to be transported to a Medical Hospital. She was sectioned, so she was locked in and I couldn’t get her out of the Hospital. To make things worse, I had no relatives, only my disabled son who can’t talk and has brain damage. My other son was at university, so I was on my own – I also had no knowledge of the Liverpool Care Pathway. After a long time of complaining (which is in the records) they eventually transferred my mum to a Medical Hospital, where they seemed to give up on her, and started talking about removing her drip and medication. When I told the Doctor that I thought my mum could survive he nodded to me as if he was agreeing, but then said he thought she had hours to live. To cut a long story short she lasted another nine days and they said at the second Hospital that my mum had end stage dementia not incurable infections. I was on my own, confused, having heard differing diagnosis and not knowing anything about any end of life care pathway … which still to this day makes me feel guilty. I feel I should have had more knowledge of this, and that I was gullible by believing all their lies.When I found out about the LCP I went to the PALS, who were no use, and then to the Police, who refused to interview anyone and had internal investigations with the alleged criminals. They had MDT meetings which came to no conclusion and so they got a ‘Medical Expert’, who on the Police database, who concluded ‘excellent care’ (the Police told me in a letter he was a Palliative Dr and then retracted this). I looked through the med notes and found proof of my accusations, but the Medical Expert never mentioned any of my findings – his analysis was like a fairy tail of events. The Police investigated and did a joint Med Report with another family, and this was the excuse for not giving me the full medical report.
I think my mum was put on EOL at the Mental Health Hospital first and that’s when they state she ‘fell into a coma with incurable infections’. LCP has to be witnessed by two doctors. This was done by one psychiatrist – the MHH say she was not put on EOL at their Hospital but was at the Medical Hospital. I think I have found proof of EOLC in the Med notes from the Mental Health Hospital.
Kind regards,
Angela (Miss Angela Johnson)


CASE Four…

MB murder short version.

1 MB was murder for the following reasons:

1.1) to stop MB changing her will back so her son (MJ) could have her home/guest house,

1.2) to stop MB removing Mr B and Mr W lawyers who wanted her home. Note: it can be shown they did this to others.

1.3) to stop MB being witness to saying “ Mr W hit me and forced me to sell my home etc” All done so Mr B could have her home.

1.4) To keep the price down by controlling the Wills probate: The fact is MB’s home/guest house was always undervalued at the same price as Mr Barlett wanted by a group who did this to many elderly ladies.

1.5) to protect MA, the son in law to VA, MB daughter who found out that MB’s Will was going to leave MB home to MJ (her son). MA and VA knew they would get nothing. So MA being a police detective would of found out in the past about Mr B stealing homes from the elderly (Exhibit). MA could have leaned on him to change MB’s Will so VB received half of MB home.

Mr B could of used Dr Bland and other doctors (Exhibit) to select elderly and drug them like MB. Dr Bland was in charge of the Elderly care route (Exhibit)

Then MA found out Dr Bland was a pedo (Exhibit) and blackmailed him into helping him. BUT the official medical records had the letter with MA taken out of it (Exhibit), but it was in another copy which they could not stop access to but tried to (Exhibit).


1.6) MB’s life of illness was due to hidden pressures by VA, MA, Mr B, Mr W people trying to steal her home and used health care to cover the mistakes, as they knew this was protected as it was being privatized.

At the same time, it can be shown other crimes were going on with no actions taken on such as Barbra William Husband murder for organs by false NHS staff (Exhibit) to the 15 Plus babies murdered (Exhibit) all next to MB nursing home 4mins away (Exhibit). This shows a group of people working together to commit crimes and protected at the same time as MB was being attacked as the criminals knew they could get away with this.

  1. History and events lined up

In the past, MB son (MJ) won an award for his research to help ill children of a sum of £70,000, and then he puts this money into MB’s home/guest house (Exhibit ). MB did this as he was told research was bad in children’s health and he needed to invest the money.

MJ with this money then buys things for the MB home/guest house (Exhibit )

MB became ill several times, so MJ helped his mother run the guest house (Exhibit)

MJ rejects other jobs to help MB (Exhibit), so a legal Trust was set up between MJ and MB for MJ to have the home/guest house as he had given up on his pension (Exhibit)

MJ helps MB every time she is ill sometimes for three years non stop without doing his own work or dropping jobs to help her and saving her business (Exhibit )

MJ starts to build a wet room for MB as she needs support but wants to stay at home (Exhibit ). MB needs grab rails etc (Exhibit)

Due to the actions of MJ, MB’s Will is made to reflect the help her son does and leaves the guest house/home to MB (Exhibit ).

A lawyer called Mr W did this Will for MJ when he was working in Mathew Law firm.

Many see this MB Will and support it (Exhibit)

What is strange is how Mr W does not like MB Will to leave the MB guest house to MJ, but later MJ finds out he knows MB daughter (VB) and her Son in law MA. Mr W is also good friends with Dr B.

It is also clear that Mr W knew Mr B who runs a law firm called B’s.

Then, half-sister, VB knows about MB Will and is not happy with MJ in 2007?

But VB never did anything to help MB when she was ill or give up her work and pension to help at MB guest house.

Then when MJ is away, it can be shown that VB tried to sell MB’ home against her wishes and stressed MB out to near death in the past (Exhibit)

When MJ is away VB changes MB Will (Exhibit )

MB goes to see a doctor and he reflects what is secretly going on (exhibit)

This medical report was not in the bundle from the hospital but by a source not tampered with.

The medical report shows the following: VB & MA (half-sister son in law) forces MB to sell her home see medical record (Exhibit )

MB also says VB & MA are stealing from her (Exhibit) and later this is found to be true when VB has to tell the court she forgot 40,000 of her mother’s money (Exhibit ), and this was only because MJ found the bank book to prove this.

MB later on after 2013 says Mr W hit her and told MB she had no money to force her to sell her home (Exhibit

This also shows that VB and Mr W worked together to con MB into thinking she had no money and to force her to sell her home cheap to Mr B.

EF said in the past pre-2010 VB cleared and collected all things from him about MB, but luckily one bank book showed the truth which VB did not take. VB gathered all past MB’s Wills and paperwork from EF which shows planning about what they were going to do in 2010.

Then in 2010 when MJ was away in London, and the wet room was being made, VB tried to sell the home in her name (Exhibit ). As MB need support by grab rails etc this is strange as no plan where MB would go as she need grab rails etc and other support (Exhibit). VB had nothing to support MB. So was the plan to sell MB’s home, make it look like she had dementia and then kill her to get her cut with the new Will that left her half. And was this something that had been done to many others by Dr Bland and Mr B.

Also, pre-2010 before MB stroke VB took all Wills from MJ home including the one that stated MJ was to have the home and this was also done to HF.

It can also be shown that VB contacted MJ partner in London many times before all of this. For reasons unknown MJ partner never told MJ about this. Then one day MJ came to his partner FC in London and she would not let him wash there new baby. The lodger DK after 2013 then told MJ that VB had contacted MJ partner FC for hours and VB had seen people who knew VB pre-2010.

Another friend said he was contacted by people who knew MA, but it was clear that a plan by people to steal the mother’s home was going on. This also showed a network at work which was being used to help steal elderly person homes.



As MB will be changed to let VB get half of MB home, then if MB died VB would have money. Mr B would get the home of MB which he always wanted.

In fact, Mr B owns many properties on Hoole Road. Next store to MB home state that Mr B ran the will for their father and when he died Mr B wanted his home (Exhibit). But in the end, they stopped this.

The only way to make this all work was for MJ to be away from Chester and not help his Mother MB. This is why VB tried to get FC to keep MJ in London.

If MJ came back from London this would be stopped.

Also when MJ was away and VB was trying to get MB to sell her home, Dr Bland (B) should have sent MB to hospital but does not (Exhibit).

Note Dr B works in his surgery clinic across the road at 37 Hoole road, from MB home 32 Hoole road. Dr B knows Mr W as his office is 30 Hoole road.

They would of all known Mr B as the main lawyer in the area and owns properties on the Hoole road (XXX).

The issue was that if Dr B sent MB to the hospital, then MJ would come back from London to Chester as he always would and then look after MB as he had always done in the past (Exhibit), so then VB could have not sold MB home to B.

Note the value of the property VB tried to sell the home in 2010 (Exhibit) was the same price Mr B used ( Exhibit) which is clearly a lie (Exhibit )

It is also a specific price others did not use but Mr B.

The point being is that MB is forced again against her wishes to sell the home and nearly dies (Exhibit).

This is the same action that was done by VB and MA in the past (Exhibit XX see above).

MB then goes to the Countess of Chester hospital for a stroke due to all this pressure.

In the hospital, MB gets a hospital-acquired infection when others don’t have (Exhiht9)

Dr B worked there as minor surgery. MA sister was a nurse there too.



The hospital acquired infections were used to kill MB and did not affect anyone else and was not an issue for years in the hospital (exhibit).

Then in 2011 MB put into a nursing home by Dr B and VB. VB would not let MB go anywhere else including local nursing homes (Exhibit). Many other nursing homes were closer, but VB wanted the one run by Dr B.

Dr B knew the manager C of the Oakland nursing home, and it was clear C help say MB could not be at home when she could have been. All the time this was done to control MB and drug her to shut her up.

MB was kept drugged but MJ saw mum improve in church Exhibit X.

In fact, MJ took MB for food and next day MB was clearly back in the room and recalling bad stuff….it was shocking to MJ who started to find out that the stroke in 2010 was not natural but caused by the stress of selling her home.

Then MB DNA shows no dementia (Exhibit) which was the lie used at the time to keep her in the nursing home. It was clear the stroke was not severe as MB tried to get up and walk and read (Exhibit). Dr B used his network to help himself with this crime.

It is suggested Dr B did this to others to help Mr B get elderly homes (Exhibit).

Then at this time as MJ tried to sue the hospital for hospital-acquired infections the law firm found out that Dr B was clinical negligence for a considerable sum!

BUT even thou at the time VA said MB had no money, and MB money was hidden and MB needed money, VA would not sue Dr B as it was clear Dr B helped her keep MB from going into hospital when in the past VB was trying to force MB to sell her home and making her ill pre 2010.


Then MB sees experts says MB is being drugged (Exhibit) Expert gets scared as she knows this is bad and knows more. MB asks to see a lawyer (Exhibit). This was several times as it was clear MB was drugged and did not have dementia. MJ would have gone to the police, but MA knew the police well.

But then MB was going to see the lawyer (Exhibit) but then nearly killed again.

Strangely MJ partner also went to NZ with his child but then clearly did not want to come back as other issues seem to be connected.

MB had a fit due to lack of medication (Doctor said this later Exhibit).

At the nursing home, MB fitted for 2 hours when MJ was lied to and told that Dr B and ambulance was on the way. They also said she was being helped by medication by the nursing home staff, but this was a lie as the ambulance crew stated later which the son, in the end, called for an ambulance after 2 hours of lies.

Before MJ called the ambulance, he called VB, and she was very cold about the whole thing…like she knew what was going on. No concern was shown at all by the fact for 2 hours her mother was in pain and no medication.

If MJ had not been there, then his mother MB would have died said the ambulance crew. They also said that they would not let their mum be in that nursing home.



Then as the ambulance was going to take MB to the hospital.



The DNR had VB and Dr Bland signature on it (Exhibit).

The ambulance crew saw everything was as wrong with the nursing home so rejected the DNR. The nursing home had taken no action or helped MB with the pain by medication etc. The ambulance crew checked and found that the nursing home did have medications but they did not use them on MB…this is deliberate removal of care and murder. Also, the DNR is wrong as MB was a Catholic and went to the Catholic church (Exhibit). C tried to stop the ambulance crew taking MB away to the hospital. But the Ambulance crew clearly saw C was doing something very wrong, begging for an ill person to be kept without care that would lead to MB death.


MB was taken to Countess of Chester where she became better. Note she lived for another 3 years, so the DNR was the wrong thing to be done. MB had always said she did not want a DNR etc. and wanted to live as a GOOD Catholic.

Then at the meeting, VB and Dr B (hands in hands) and C tried to bring MB back to the Oakland nursing home. But MJ stopped this as it was clearly bad. BUT the hospital person (Nurse NAME) who chaired the hospital meeting lied on the paperwork and said it was the nursing home (Exhibit).

MJ tried to move MB back home by an expert (Exhibit).

An expert said MB could live at home again as the wet room had been finished.

MJ tried to move MB close to him but VB forced MB to Pinetum nursing home which was 4 mins walk to the Countess of Chester hospital.


All the time MJ tried to get help by lawyers but they all did the wrong thing.

The good lawyers knew something strange was going on and always told MJ to get help from lawyers outside Chester or further. A common reaction from Good lawyers was they knew about Mr B. Even then there seems to be an issue as a London Lawyer said “it’s very bad…they won’t let me help you.”

One bad lawyer tried to make MJ sign something which was clearly bad.

This whole subject is in another report so as not to distract from this case.


Then MB was moved from the hospital to Pinetum nursing home 2014. The new doctor was Dr Nicklson (AKA Dr N). He said he doesn’t know Dr B but later both name son MJ in the DOL document to stop MJ helping MB (Exhibit)

Also at the inquest of MB, Dr N and Dr B said they don’t know each other, but they do the cremation certificates together (Exhibit) so this is a lie under Oath.

MB nearly died several times at this nursing home (exhibit). CQC was told about these problems and ignored this (Exhibit).

The issue that MJ could see things that could kill MB but prevented from being seen as an issue and stopped (exhibit ),

Others saw the mistakes (Exhibit) by MJ taking them into the nursing home and this was another reason why a DOL was, later on, was used to stop anyone coming to see MB. MB also wanted to see a lawyer to get out of the nursing home and changed her Will back to help her son.

Then in Easter MJ was told not to feed his mother as he had seen mistakes done by the Nurse N staff. There were two lead nurses who did deliberate mistakes to fail patients. This was done to make them ill and die to save money.

At night MJ went to see his MB but found the nursing home had no staff as it was running a critical care unit on the side of the building which was taking NHS clients. A nurse told MJ it was done as a possible roll out a business where nursing homes would at night supply NHS services as the elderly were asleep.

But this was clearly not true as many people were crying for help with no care at night. One night MJ went in to see his mother, and he found one elderly person was left on their stomach and later on it was explained this was done to let the person suffocate into his pillow. MJ was then banned from going in at night and reporting what he saw. Also when MJ went in at meal times to see MB, he saw the wrong food given to patients by Nurse N+Q (same two always) and he was banned from meal times. Then a member of staff asked MJ to feed his mother but MJ said no (as he had been blamed for incorrect care in the past, done to discredit him), then next day MB became very ill and was in the hospital again.

Then when MB was ill TS, the manager of the nursing home said MJ was not allowed to visit MB, but this was another lie as the hospital Doctor said it was fine (Exhibit). Then a DOLS was put into place when MJ was not there. The DOLS said MJ was at the meeting and this was another lie (Exhibit ). The DOLS was based on a lie, saying MJ had caused problems at the nursing home when in fact at the time he was with a lawyer! (Exhibit)

The DOLS was put on to stop MB seeing a lawyer (Exhibit). VB wanted this, and it is said (Exhibit)! In fact, VB did everything she could to stop MB seeing anyone (Exhibit)

Then over the year MB nearly died again several times due to dehydration and had to go into the hospital. Hospital staff did not want MB to go back to the nursing home but VB asked for this to happen (Exhibit).

MJ was also hit to shut her up but nursing home was allowed to investigate itself!

Also, MJ did artwork to show the harm done to MB in an online Gallery to raise attention to this and VB lawyers had it removed to hide the damage done to MB.



Hospital staff said not to return MB to the nursing home (Exhibit ), but VB did this, and the council helped her.

A DOLS is put on to MB to stop her seeing a lawyer (Exhibit) to help MB remove Mr B and return the will back to the son.

MB clearly has no dementia (Exhibit) and

also stopped by seeing an expert by VB (Exhibit )



MB room was so hot she passed out (Exhibit)

All the time CQC was told but did nothing.

A weather station showed the truth about the heat (Exhibit) but this was ignored.

Then MB wheelchair removed to trap her in bed (Exhibit ) By Nurse N.

Then MJ was restricted to seeing MB 3 times a week by another DOLS (Exhibit

DOLS prevent seeing issues (Exhibit)

Then 2015 MB goes into hospital and MJ prevent from seeing her

MB comes out said no swallow but MB clearly has seen the video (Exhibit)



Then MJ was told that MB was put onto the pathway for death as dying but lives for a month!

MJ checks with the hospital who say they did not put MB onto the pathway of death, but it was the non-medical manager TS (Exhibit).

Then CQC visits the nursing home for a checkup and reads DOLS, and it says MB on the pathway (Exhibit DOLS). The CQC have to monitor these death pathways (Exhibit)

Then later CQC does not report until after MB died and says no one on the pathway. Clear lie. If the CQC found someone on the pathway they have to monitor it for correct use. It was clear that MB was well after 14 days and by rules, she should have come off the pathway but was not. Therefore CQC failed and allowed a murder to happen.

It can also now be shown that in 2014 Barbara William had an issue with the same hospital (Exhibit) with staff that made no sense as her husband was murdered and covered up. This is further complicated by at the same time 2015,2016 15 babies were reported as murdered.

At the same time as MB was put onto the pathway, MB ex-partner FC (who was in NZ) started a court action to sell the flat they both co-owned in London. What was strange about this was FC knew the head of the law firm and the court procedures started in Birmingham where FC and MJ had no contact with, and there was no connection to. The whole things should have been a London court as a London flat. Then MJ explained to the Birmingham court that MB was on the pathway and was told the court preceding there to sell the home based on a lie would stop but it did not and a court order to the sale was put on.

The lie was that MJ had not paid the mortgage when in fact it was a bill over service charge which was disputed and even the Financial ombudsman found it strange but to no action as FC was not helping.

Once again this shows a law firm helping attack MJ. From 2013 this was another pattern of MJ asking for help from law firms and them doing nothing or pretending to help and doing nothing with MB case. All of these Law firms issues are taken out of this document but it shows deliberate actions by the law firms to cause problems and attack MJ. See Bad lawyers document.


MB is only allowed to see his mother MB 3 times a week for one hour and only after he is checked by 2 social workers who keep an eye on him and make sure he does not video or take any evidence which is what the DOLS states (Exhibit)

MB starts to see MJ dehydrate and has no food (Exhibit).

MB asks for food and drink.

Then MJ goes to press (Exhibit)

But Chester council put on expensive injunction (Exhibit ) to prevent the story from going to the press and saving MB.

Judge doing the injunction comments on the strange number of DOLS.

MB gets better but Dr Nicolson then put MB on morphine for no clinical reason (Exhibit)



MB dies (Exhibit_)

The inquest was strange for the following reasons:


Then MA tries to shut son up after the investigation (Exhibit )

Then MA goes to NZ to see MJ child to lean on him (exhibit) and use Facebook to show this. MJ is told to check out FACEBOOK.

This is bad as MA should have known not to do this…as clearly done to lean on MJ.

MJ visit undertakers and all know about Mr B and Mr W( Exhibit )

Then in 2015 after MB death MJ tells Mr B not to put his name as executor, but he does even after MB said Mr W hit MB etc. (Exhibit)

In X Mr B had bought law firm Mathews which Mr W works in.

Mr B did this to get the Wills. Mr W becomes part of Mr W’s company.

Then VB turns up at MJ guest house with a black eye with Mr B to evaluate the value of MB home with 5 persons….all con artist as they undervalue it. Something that Mr B does a lot of.

Then Mr B in 2015 undervalues property the same amount as pre-2010 MJ stroke when MJ nearly died (Exhibit). This is deliberate as the value would have gone up and was always higher than that.