Chester murders cover-up bent police bent SRA bent CQC

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A news recording of several other people who lost their loved ones in Cheshire has been broadcast on the 3rd of September 2020

It shows the police did not investigate these crimes in Chester. The coroner failed many like my case. Inquest were low standard and need to be re investigated

And we can show in my mother’s case PB and DR Bland knew MA police detective (my sister’s son in law) who gains in this.

My case is listed at the end of the tape as it shows how lawyers are robbing the elderly and taking advantage of this horrific situation.

I state my mother was murdered and the journalist thinks this is true and that is now supported by others see an update of Mirror and the Times newspaper TBA.

The past link shows murders that now must be investigated.

I will now be asking for my mother’s inquest to be reopened (see letter from HC saying this is now possible).