Recording of lawyers Mr P. Bartlett and Mr Woodside.

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Recording of lawyers Mr P. Bartlett and Mr Woodside.

Recording show how bad the abuse can be to the elderly by bad lawyers but the SLA, police do nothing etc. In fact it can be shown a Police detective (MA) gains out of these crimes.

Mr P. Bartlett has a long tract reccord and a network of helpers (listed).

Mr Woodside who works for Mr P. Bartlett can be seen upsetting my mother as she said he hit her to change her Will and said she had no money as Mr P, Bartlett wanted her home. Mr P, Bartlett wanted the home next to her also and upset them when their relative died. Mr Bartlett buys law firms for the probate which then he runs up cost for.

P. Bartlett is already reported for “Badness” in the March the 6th in 2006 by the Law Society File No 8751-2003
My lawyers can see no reason why he is allowed to do probate with this and other serious issues. He has already been removed many times by the Liverpool Probate office due to complaints by others.

BUT he is allowed to continue to buy law firms and run probate to the distress of many.


Video link of my mother saying Mr Woodside hit her and more….

Recording of my mother saying
“my mother says Mr Woodside and a doctor joined together against her.”