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SRA cover up crimes that could help terrorists

From: Dr Mark Jones FRSM
Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.
Parliamentary Candidate.
Freeman of the City of London,
All correspondences by email,
BCCUpdated due to new SAR 9/12/2020
The following will be on the UK column and
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To The Rt. Honourable Boris Johnson, MP
Prime Minister, Office of the Prime Minister
10 Downing Street. London SW1A 2AATo The Rt. Priti Patel,
Home Secretary, Direct Communications Unit
Marsham Street. London, SW1P
Dear Priti,
This email is the fact that Carol Jones of the SRA is protecting bent lawyers who rob, hurt and involved in the murder of the elderly.
 The SRA (Solicitors Regulators Authority) is not doing their job and this is dangerous as terrorists could use this as a way to get away with crimes.
I want Action Fraud to contact me.
Please see my letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson below.
Thank you.
MarkTo Police Fraud
Please take action
To Jacob William Rees-Mogg
Dear Jacob,
You have spoken about the abuse of the elderly so I have included you in this email.
14 May 2018 LBC radio show.
Please see my letter to  Prime Minister Boris Johnson below.
Regards,To Prime Minister Boris Johnson,
Dear Prime Minister Boris,
I hope this goes to a case officer.
I am listed as a member of the Conservative Party and so was my mother.
We have 2005 signatures on my petition to reopen my mother’s inquest.
With all the evidence it is clear my mother was murdered and so were many others. All done to rob the elderly. It took me 5 years to make sure this was true.
The SRA Carol Jones is not doing her job and the SAR (Subject Access Request) on the SRA  proves this.
The SRA (Solicitors Regulators Authority) is not doing their job and this is dangerous as terrorists could use this as a way to get away with crimes by being lawyers.
The problem is demonstrated by the USA web site:
Dr. Robert Sarhan joins the program to explain how an ongoing racket has been implemented against the elderly to strip families estates of all assets.
According to multiple congressional reports and other studies, this racketeering has been occurring since at least 1980 and has stripped American citizens of $500 Billion to $1 Trillion dollars worth of real assets each year.
Evidence exists that much of these assets are ultimately leaving the country.
Members of Congress and Senate are well aware of this racket and have failed to do anything to stop the purge.
Whoever is ultimately behind this massive crime is also behind the ongoing destruction of the United States.
The same thing is going on in the UK.
There are many murders going on in Cheshire which are not being investigated, reports the papers.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,


To Mr Paul Philip the Chief Executive of the SRA
To Enquiries, <>

Dear Paul Philip,

I want Carol Jones removed from my case and a proper investigation done. Please move this to the next level.

See my points below from my email sent 2 Dec but totally ignored.

The Subject Access Request (SAR) on the Solicitors Regulators Authority (SRA) shows they did not investigate my case about my mother.
In fact with the video of my mother saying she was hit by a lawyer to rob her, all the SRA do in their report is whitewash it.
But the Court appointed expert said this is true and shows other related crimes.

Then when I report new issues with other lawyers (JB) trying to protect the first bent lawyers (PB & W) the SAR shows the SRA do nothing.
Then when I tell SRA to talk to court-appointed experts the SRA ignores this and this is also shown by the SAR.
The SRA list in their file to ignore me….even when I have new evidence and this too is shown in the SAR.

This can not be right or fair  and for many elderly it is dangerous. Lawyers are NOT made above the law.
I have journalists such as David Scott, Brian Gerrish and many others who want this investigated.
On top of this Brian Hunter has also covered it in his Web site
And my two books which list crimes by Lawyers have not been removed as they are true.
And now the new Book called: SRA and CJ are …It is not surprising SRA on Trust pilot review website is really listed as really bad with not one good review. Most of the reviews say the SRA protects bent lawyers.

The SRA do not follow their own guidelines or case law for dishonesty
Please see SRA guide

The Law firm BLM then gets away with ignoring Tax fraud.
As it is clear 100,000 debt for my mother was not true and was done by the removed executor PB. And then covered up by the lawyer JB of BLM

I want CJ of the SRA removed and my case correctly investigated. I want this to go high up as a court expert said my mother was hit and robbed.
The SAR shows the SRA never spoke to the doctor who is also a lawyer.
Other lawyers see the SRA as dangerous as not doing its job. In fact, the SRA are helping crimes to be protected.
If terrorists wanted to get away with crimes they would set themselves up as lawyers and then rob the elderly with SRA & CJ saying they are wonderful.

Also, I can show by SAR on the law firms that the 2020 new appointed executor JB of my mother’s estate did the following:
1 said he did not know the past removed executor PB but we now have by SAR emails between them. So he lied.
2 JB tried to cover up the fraud of the first lawyer executor PB.
3 JB stopped two possible buyers of my mother’s home by the orders of the removed past executor PB. See SAR.
This was done to hide the fact the first executor PB tried to get my mother’s home half price.
And he did this to many others who he became the executor of the will by force.
In fact, PB said my mother’s home is only worth only £450000 but in the 2019 court papers, it’s listed as £750 000.
PB did this in other forms from Tax IHT to other court paperwork.
The SAR to support this is on
also sent on 2 Dec 2020 below

And the SRA ignores this when lawyers say this is a crime…with all the other points.

4 The new appointed lawyer JB of 2020 also covered up the fraud done by the removed past executor PB where he says in tax forms etc there is £100,000 debt by my mother. This is a massive lie.
Then in 2019 the judge forced PB to release papers and from 2016 which showed the true bill was £10,000 but PB covered this up for 5 years
Even the taxman said it was a fraud.

5 And many other issues listed in the email below.The truth is that PB is involved with 100,000s of wills which need to be RE investigated.
Then lawyer JB & BLM who then covers up for him.
PB was done by the law society in 2008 and fined 300,000 fine and another lawyer was struck off to protect him
See March the 6th in 2006 by the Law Society File No 8751-2003
Then the lawyer who did this case now helps lawyers stay out of jail.
The undertakers. elderly and the doctors who oversee elderly care know PB and don’t like him

It’s time for a proper investigation
As this corruption grows
In the USA this is listed as an elderly criminal act called dementia fraud worth 36 Billion. And it has been shown to also be done in the USA by bent lawyers.

You can see a list of strange deaths listed in my email below.
Including my mother’s accountant BD
And the newspaper story said more elderly killed and not investigated.

In fact, my mother said that her son in law MA robbed her and this is in her medical records.
And MA is a police detective who gains from my mother’s death. MA worked with PB and the Dr Struck off (as pedo) who is involved in my mother’s death and lied at her inquest.
And when I tried to open my mother inquest, MA went to New Zealand to threaten my daughter. Everyone sees this…
There is no other explanation for MA actions, and he and the police know MA should never have done this as I was saying this was a crime MA was involved.
MA is listed  in the medical records of my mother saying he robbed her and is further supported by the Probate court case 2019 files.
The Chester Police SAR shows they do not investigate things to do with this case. you have the CQC who ignored my mother’s near murder in 2013 and 2014 and 2015.
You have regulators working to cover up serious crimes.

Where is any of this in the SRA reports by the SRA, Chester Police, CQC etc?

I want a proper investigation. As the Times newspaper, 2020 said there were many elderly who had been murdered and UK column backs this up with interviews (listed below)
And once again this is ignored.
As when I investigated I found that the bent doctor struck off as pedo involved in drugging my mother to shut her up was done as pedo. He also knew all the people who were murdered, & MA and PA etc
It is a known fact in Chester, that  kids were used at the local law school to blackmail future lawyers and judges…I hope to hear from you soon.
———- Forwarded message ———
From: Dr Mark Jones
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2020 at 11:49
Subject: To The Rt. Priti Patel, To Mr Paul Philip the Chief Executive of the SRA. CPS :This is so bad if a terrorist were to become lawyers they could easily obtain money and be protected by the corruption of the SRA.
To: Uxbridge and South Ruislip MP Rt Hon Boris Johnson etc

To Mr Paul Philip the Chief Executive of the SRA
To Enquiries, <>

Dear Paul Philip

You are responsible for the SRA. I seek damages by your lack of actions.

If you had removed the lawyers’ Bartlett, Woodside, and James Beresford earlier many people would be alive.

They are a group of lawyers I met who work in a team to rob the elderly .

BUT you protect bent lawyers who are rich and powerful. Your acts make a group of people above the law.

And by doing that you allow criminals to become lawyers who can rob the elderly.

This is so bad if a terrorist were to become lawyers they could easily obtain money and be protected by you.

I can show by your own SAR (Subject Access Request) you have deliberately ignored evidence from me from 2006.

You did everything to ignore or investigate what I was saying. You even listed what I sent to you to be ignored.




Your reports say I send no evidence but I clearly did as the emails show this and they were seen in the Dec 2019 court case as valid, but your SRA ignored them.

You were told to contact Dr XXX and  YYY in my email from Thu, 10 Oct 2019 onwards.

Then I told Parminder Pandaal <>, Tue, 29 Oct 2019, 22:06 another person who cover-ups crimes.

Dr XXXX was the court-appointed medical expert for the Dec 2019 court probate case who also has done a law degree.

He will state that the video where my mother says she was hit by Woodside and robbed is true

He points out the wills done are terrible and due to your none action continue

And by doing this criminals prey on the elderly and murder them.

Dr Howard will point out how corrupt it all looks

So many red flags are ignored.

Then when SRA was seen looking at my complaints in 2020 they wash it down to dismiss it

As an Example: SRA 30 Nov 2020

Case Report 000741-19

Dr Jones states that his mother was hit by a sol and forced to change her will. 

We have not seen any evidence to suggest this is the case and Dr Jones repeatedly promises evidence and then

does not provide it or sends links to a website set up against the solicitor/firm in question and feels

that should be sufficient. 

Dr Jones comments, on the web site there are Exhibits of Court papers, IHT 400, etc by Bartlett who did clear tax fraud with no defence


SRA 30 Nov 2020

Case Report 000741-19 continues

Have explained what we would need to see and that what we have seen is not sufficient to take action or proceed with an investigation.

We have seen a video where his mother appears to agree that she was hit but this is in response to

a barrage of questions and suggestions by her son.

Dr Jones

There are video and tape recordings. You ignore and cover-up crimes.  I do not barrage questions. You were send IHT400, Letters, Bills etc which show fraud.says the Tax office, but SRA ingore this to protect bent lawyers.

SRA 30 Nov 2020

Case Report 000741-19 continues

She is clearly in distress and this would not be acceptable evidence in support of the claim. 

Dr Jones

Experts say it shows a crime…and SRA is protecting bent lawyers…It could of been used in the Dec 2019 court case but bent lawyers protected this.

SRA 30 Nov 2020

Case Report 000741-19 continues

She has now passed away and therefore the situation could not be corroborated. It would be for the

police to consider an assault. We have not seen anything that would suggest unethical behaviour

that we would need to investigate further.


My mother did not pass away; she was murdered by morphine for no clinical reason and the inquest tape is not being released as it shows a bent lawyer who did my mother’s inquest protecting bent lawyers. Even the CQC shows bad things going before my mother’s death etc.

I want an investigation into SRA and how it protects bent lawyers who rob the elderly and then see email below try and break and damage and shut up people who find out the crimes they do.

And the SRA whitewash it and help in the coverup this needs to be investigated and stopped.

I want an investigation into the people who did the files on me to cover up a serious crime.

I want the issues in the email below to be taken seriously as the SAR shows lawyers doing crimes thinking they would not get found out.

I will seek compensation from the SRA for a cover-up.

Also, all of this shows Bartlett and Woodside are corrupt and they changed my mother’s will which we have witnesses who say my mother’s guest house is mine.

The other problem is that there is a Chester police detective (MA) involved and this has stopped proper investigation as he is involved. This is listed

The law needs to be made that SAR on all lawyers show their files as it shows crimes that are being protected.



From: Dr Mark Jones FRSM
Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.
Parliamentary Candidate.
Freeman of the City of London,
All correspondences by email,
To Simon Williams Managing Partner, Jolliffes Law firm Chester.
<>, <>

This has been updated on the 30/11/2020 there is more evidence to be sent.

Objection to Bankruptcy order Form 619 page 2 file
I want the Bankruptcy order by Bartlett No 388 of 2020 struck out for the following reasons:

I Dr Mark Jones state the following is true.

1.  I ask the court to give me more time and or strike out the Bankruptcy petition as it is not valid for the following reasons I shall list.
1.2.  I state to the court I will and shall pay any bills but the bankruptcy order against me is based on lies which by Exhibits I shall prove.
Full exhibits are in History of the case below.
2. The reason for the cost order against me was because my lawyer knew I had filed in London  to remove Bartlett as executor of my mother’s estate.
2.1 Then my lawyers say this was moved to Liverpool (Double filing) to remove Bartlett as an Executor of my mothers estate.  Exhibits Z 29March 2019 2 pages.
2.2 Therefore the lawyer made this mistake…but it also has an issue that it was not listed for a hearing and I was on my own at what was only going to be a cost hearing for my mother’s probate case.
2.3 My lawyers caused the double filing and not me…then they removed themselves from the case.
2.4 Bartlett was being removed as executor reason listed below.
2.5 And although Bartlett stood down as executor, he claimed his costs of over £6000.00 which the court awarded him due to the double filing.
2.5.1 The cost was summarily assessed (but subject to detailed assessment if not agreed),
2.5.2  I  did raise objections and appealed the cost order at the time, but courts failed to respond. This should be investigated.
2.6 Bartlett from April 2019 to Dec 2019 did not ask for this money.
2.7 A witness Scott (see Exhibit 26Aug2020Scott) was there and supports that on the 4th April 2019 court case, Bartlett agreed he would get no money until the sale of my mother’s property. See his Fact 5.
2.8 Then this outstanding cost order from 4th April 2019 was rolled into the final Settlement of the Dec 2019 probate court case.
2.9 On the 27 Nov 2020 my Barrister supported this cost that Bartlett seeks is part of the final settlement of my mother’s probate case Dec 2019.
This should be the end of the matter (Exhibit 27 Nov 2020 )
“There is a prospect that the answer is yes because: (i) it is clear from the terms of the settlement that it was intended to draw a line under all disputes relating to the estate; and (ii) Mr Bartlett was present throughout the negotiations and did not raise the issue of his separate debt relating to the dispute.”
2.9.1 Bartlett was involved and managed ALL the court cases (2016 to 2020). The 4th of April 2020 court case is part of this court case.
2.9.2 My Barrister supports this and it is clear all of this is part of the final settlement.
3. In Dec 2019 final settlement Bartlett gets paid 70k.
4. By Subject Access Request (SAR) it can be shown that Bartlett controlled the new Executor (JB) and to achieve the cover-up of Bartlett’s crimes see History Section 6.1 below
4.1 From the SAR between lawyers it shows, Bartlett  stopped people who wanted to buy my mother’s home in 2020 for twice the value,
that Bartlett stated when he was executor so not to be found out what he did in the past, e.g undervaluing it.
5. Now with another Subject Access Request (SAR) documents to other lawyers, Bartlett says that the Bankruptcy petition was done to “shut Dr Jones up” as I found he (Bartlett) had
done fraud to my mother’s estate etc. and I put this onto a website. Also he has done this to other elderly.
5.1 So the Bankruptcy petition was done to harm me like he did to my mother who the court expert said was hit by one of his lawyers trying to rob her.
5.2 Also the SAR shows they know that I won an award in 2002 for my PhD to help children with Surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital etc, helped charities to help kids, I am trustee etc and the damage of Bankruptcy petition would stop me helping in this important area where I don’t get paid but try to make things better…
5.3.1 Another Subject Access Request (SAR) from the lawyers (BLM & JB) shows my bank was told to remove my mother’s money £48,000 from my bank account. See Exhibit 04 Sep BLM 2020.
5.3.2  The SAR shows that the money in my account from my mother is mine and they say this.
The SAR Exhibit 04 Sep 2020 states :
he is entitled to the residue so effectively it his money
5.4 Therefore Bartlett first removed money from me by preventing the sale of my mother’s guest house
Then he did it by getting JB to tell my bank to remove my mother’s money from my account even when after the guest house is sold this is mine and the bank were happy for it to be in my account as the Dec 2019 settlement leaves this to me as no one else gets this money.
5.5 Note: In the Dec 2019 court settlement the new court appointed executor was not to know Bartlett.
5.5.1 Then when the new appointed executor JB took over he lied to me saying he did not know Bartlett.  Can supply Exhibit if you want it. 
BUT it can be shown that they work in the same offices sometimes etc and the emails show correspondence between them.
6 I seek damages for what Bartlett and his law firm have done to me.
6.1 Why should Bartlett who started many issues get paid 70K when he is responsible for the following:
1) He became executor by force and when my mother wanted him removed she died.
2) doing the Wills wrong (Court appointed expert supports this),
3) 100,000 debt which did not exist (due to Fraud by him-said Taxman- see Exhibits listed in the History Section).
4) he undervalues my mother’s home by half a million. Bartlett said in Tax forms it was 450,000 but if you look at the Dec 2019 final settlement it is listed as min 750,000 and we have had offers in million
5) the original will he altered changed my mother’s guest house from leaving it to me due to my investments in it, to where he could buy it cheap
6) not doing BPR (Business Property Rate) for tax causing 100,000s of damage to the estate, but giving him a chance to buy it….
7) Therefore my mother’s house (which is also a B&B and Bartlett wanted) had to be sold to pay for these issues caused by him controlling the Will.
8) A court expert said my mother’s video of her saying she was hit to force her to sell her home cheap and lawyers robbing her was true.
So why should he get any money?
Because he did all this I seek these costs to be removed and the Bankruptcy order.
History Section
1 On the 3rd of April 2019, there was costing for my mother’s probate
case in the Liverpool Courts. See Exhibit 8 Jan 20201.1 Bartlett at the time was the executor of my mother’s Will which was doing the probate.

1.1.1 he became the executor of my mother’s Will by force and in fact, he was never asked by my mother or me to do this. He does this to many
Wills and buys law firms to control wills. My mother wanted him removed and she was murdered.

1.2 In this court case of the 3rd of April 2019, Bartlett stood down
as executor. Due to me and my evidence.

1.3 Then Bartlett was awarded costs against me of 6k due to his lawyer saying I had double listed the removal of him as executor in two
courts.  This is shown to be wrong below. See Second Issue.

1.4 From the 3rd of April 2019 Court case, Bartlett wants £6k (now £7k) BUT it has the following issues:

2 Bartlett was told & agreed to that they would not receive any costs till my mother’s home was sold.

2.1 My mother’s home has not been sold but is about to be but was  delayed due to COVID.
2.1.1 We now know by SAR that Bartlett stopped the sales of my mother’s home/business many times  Exhibit 20July2020   see 6.4 below

2.2 The fact that he agreed to wait for this sale is supported by2.2.1 A witness statement by Scots Exhibit 26Aug2020Scott  See Fact 5.

2.2.2 Also by his actions for not asking for any money until 2020!

2.2.3 he waited for the final probate court case in Dec 2019. As this was going to be the final settlement.

2.2.4 Bartlett was from 2016 to 2019 involved in my sister’s side of the estate.

3. Then in my mother’s probate case in Dec 2019, Bartlett settled all of the cost into one item as a final settlement. He was involved in
the probate for the other side.

3.1 If not true, why did he wait to get the 7k for nearly two years?

3.3 In the Dec 2019 final probate court case, I was told the final payment/settlement to the lawyer Bartlett of 70k out of the sale of my
mother’s home would be the end of it all.

See Paragraph 7 of the court order of Dec 2019  See Exhibit: Final
Settlement 2019

The terms of this settlement are in full and final settlement of call
claims, actions and demands, whether existing or contemplated or otherwise, relating to the
Property or any matters relating to the Deceased or the Deceased estate, whether between or against the Claimants
(Bartlett is listed as a Claimant in all past court documents), the Defendant or the Deceased estate.

3.3.1 On the 27 Nov 2020 my Barrister supported this cost that Bartlett seeks is part of the final settlement of my mother’s probate case Dec 2019.

This should be the end of the matter (Exhibit 27 Nov 2020 )
“There is a prospect that the answer is yes because: (i) it is clear from the terms of the settlement that it was intended to draw a line under all disputes relating to the estate; and (ii) Mr Bartlett was present throughout the negotiations and did not raise the issue of his separate debt relating to the dispute.”

3.4 It was clear and we have recordings that show this was all done and over.

The recording out of the court is the wording that this would include the 6k April 2019 costs.

3.5 Exhibits 18Feb2019 & 2April2019 & 5Dec2018 show Bartlett lists
himself as Claimant with my sister as in the Dec 2019 court case. Bartlett ran all of these from 2015 to the end of the probate case.
Bartlett controlled the Claimants case against me and told the Barrister what to do….it was always him behind everything.

4. The reason Bartlett is now chasing the 7k court bill from April 3rd
2019 and ignoring the Dec 2019 agreement he was found doing many
things wrong including fraud in Dec 2019 court case.

4.1 He was reported for doing fraud by the Taxman & he went for £7k out of badness.

4.2 The April 3rd 2019 court case which the 7k is from is invalid as he went to court based on a lie (dirty hands).

4.2.1 Bartlett told the court there was a 100,000 care bill that did not exist in my mother’s Tax forms Exhibit 2016 Bartlett Tax and
Exhibit 2016Tax Fraud He tried to hide this fact from 2015 to 2019 He knew from 2016 to 2019 the 100,000 bill  Exhibit 7 March
2017  was in fact only 10,000 (See Exhibit 22 June 2015 as he had the
paperwork including IHT 404 Exhibit 2016 Bartlett Tax and Exhibit
2016Tax Fraud. He told the TAXman it was all over and paid them off! He was forced to show the 100,000 was in fact 10,000 see
Exhibit 22 June 2015. The date shows he knew this all the time.

I found this out by the Judge in 2019 saying I had a right to this paperwork. Bartlett should have given me all the paperwork in the past
(2015,2016 etc) but he hides this bill’s true value. then I had to redo the Tax 404 but then the tax man pointed
out this was fraud by Bartlett and other issues they did not like.

4.3 The April 2019 Court case was unaware of these legal frauds
For more see the website

therefore, Bartlett & Green his lawyer went to Court with dirty hands
on the 3rd of April 2019, They lied about this and other things to the
court and therefore

4.3.1 Ex turpi causa non oritur actio.

So ALL his bills are rejected.

4.3.2 UPDATE 28/10/2020 even other lawyers say this is fraud by him.

4.2.3 He also damaged my mother’s estate by not doing my mother’s Will
correctly, said the Court-appointed expert for the Dec 2019 probate
case (file available but a long list of faults about Bartlett).

4.2.4 He also said the property was worth only 450,000 (Exhibit XX)
and now we know it is worth a million (Exhibit XX) the final court settlement Dec 2019 listed the value as min 750,000

See 6.4 where he tries to stop my mother’s home selling for a million to cover up this crime done by him

4.2.5 Also I now have the BPR (Business Property Rates) (Exhibit XX)
for my mother’s Tax which he also did wrong costing 100,000’s

4.2.6 And also in the Dec 2019 court case, it was stated by the
court-appointed expert that Dr Jones’ (my) mother was hit by Woodside,
a lawyer who works for Bartlett.

4.2.7 This came out that Woodside hit Dr Jones’ mother to force her to
sell her home and change her will to the advantage of Bartlett.
(Exhibit available )

5 Dr Jones has now reopened his mother’s inquest to show a group took
advantage of his mother and other elderly and knew doctors (who was
struck-off as a pedo in 2018 Dr Bland ) who helped kill these
witnesses with his friend by using morphine for no clinical reason.

6 Bartlett says he is doing the Bankruptcy order to shut him (Dr
Jones) up to see Exhibit 17 Sep 2020.

This was found by a Subject Access Request (SAR) to another law firm
by accident to do with the fraud.

The SAR shows Bartlett telling the lawyers the following:

He has served him with a Bankruptcy petition but he has done this
through a different firm of solicitors and it is likely to shut him up
for a while. He said its unlikely he’ll (Dr Jones) do anything with the petition and is …

He (Bartlett) has requested 150,000 initial compensation but really
this isn’t about compensation he is just hoping to stop the libel

See all the letter Bartlett sent me to shut me up when I found out
what he had done wrong. He kept threatening me to hide the fact he got someone to hit my mother to steal her home.

UPDATE 23/11/2020
6.1 This is also shown in Bartlett’s letter to a law firm
where he is trying to hide the web site that says since 2018 my mother
was hit by his employer Woodside etc
6.2 Barlett can not remove this website as it is backed up by the Court Expert in the Dec 2019 probate case.

This expert says this is true my mother was hit by his employer Woodside
In fact, emails from Bartlett do not talk about this issue anymore as he has no defence for it
6.3 He also says in Exhibit24April2020Bartlett. This is the final settlement
But once the website did not go down he tried to do the 7k all out of hate towards me.6.4 Then Exhibit 20July2020Bartlett shows
6.4.1 the removed executor Bartlett who tried to sell my mother’s home cheap for 450,000
telling the new Executor James Beresford (JB) not to sell my mother’s home for a million….
6.4.2 Bartlett says in his letter to JB, if he helps me, then… I would benefit?
So the new Executor is not working for the benefit of the estate…or beneficiaries
It is my mother’s home & also a business and I invested in it.
6.4.3 Therefore Bartlett first went back on his final settlement to shut me up, then stopped me getting my mother’s home sold so I could clear bills.
Also in 2020, the business was deliberately damaged to stop business by a break-in (police report)
6.4.4 therefore, Bartlett gain by all of this, he was found doing fraud of 100,000 care bills when in fact it was only 10,000 and he knew it for 5 years,
he tried to sell my mother’s home half price,
he did not do the BPR to save money,
and we can show every time I was away from my mother she was attacked to force her to sell her home in the past.
6.5 The police should investigate but we can show Chester Police detective MA gain by this.
In the Court case Dec 2019 it is stated that from 2007 police detective MA would have investigated these types of crimes.
In the 2007 medical paperwork, my mother tells a doctor MA is stealing from her (exhibit on web site)
Also, MA said in court he tried to help sell my mother’s home in 2007 knowing I had put money into it, but would get half of it by him being my sister’s son in law.
Also in 2009 mother found him with XXx and took the keys off him and never spent Christmas again with him, she did not trust him.
And in 2010 when I was away the property was being sold against her wishes (paperwork shows this), my mother was hit by Woodside who works for Bartlett (Video etc). MA, Dr Bland etc all know each other very well.
And I was building a wet room for my mother so why would she sell if I was the main person who cared for her?? And MA knew this.
And then Bartlett did everything he could to damage me. If my mother had not been murdered she would be named and shamed them. My mother was given morphine for no clinical reason but to kill her by a doctor who lied at my mother’s inquest etc see below.
Second issue
Second issue
8. If you look at the listing for the court case on the 3rd of April
2019 you will see it was for a meeting only on costing of my mother’s
probate court case.8.1 first there was no dealing with removing Bartlett as executor.

8.2 My lawyers at the time were told about my listing to have Bartlett
removed as executor of my mother’s estate in London

8.2.1 My lawyer’s point out in their letter to Bartlett on 29 March
2019 Exhibit Z1 and Z2

8.3 My lawyers tell Bartlett That the court case to remove Bartlett as
executor had been moved from London and will be dealt with in

8.3.1 Therefore how was it double listed?? How can Bartlett get 6k? It
was not double listed as moved to Liverpool. This is the cost he

8.3.2 There was no warning, there was no court listing for actions on
double listing issues to be heard, it was sprung onto me which is not

8.3.3 Where is there evidence and order for double listing? Where are
the Exhibits from them etc There was no set up for me to have a hearing.

8.4 Bartlett knew my lawyer was not there on the 3rd of April 2019 and
there was no reason for them to be. It was costing case event only.

8.5 Bartlett knew my lawyers told him Removal order as executor would be heard  at
the Liverpool court. See letter 29 March 2019 Exhibit Z1 &Z2

8.5.1 The removal of Bartlett order was therefore only listed once in Liverpool.

8.6 More importantly, if it was double listed, it was my acting
lawyers who then listed it in Liverpool?
So if it was a double listed court case. It is their fault.
They had a duty of care.

They were told about this removal of Bartlett in the London court in
the past letters and the letter from the lawyer show this.

8.6.1 then my lawyers told Bartlett this was moved to Liverpool see
letter by the London Judge before any asking to be heard in Liverpool.

8.6.2 This is confusing as all my documents for the 3rd of April court
case was done by my lawyers and Barrister.

8.7 Also on the 3rd of April 2019 Bartlett removed himself so no need
for a hearing and this is stated in the letter 29 March 2019 Exhibit Z1 &Z2

So all that should have happened on the 3rd of April 2019 was Bartlett to be other court listed issue.
8.8 The judge of the 3rd of April 2019, award cost for Bartlett based
on no defence from me which I had a right to.
I never knew I was going to be done with a double listing.
I never was given a fair hearing of my side of the augment so not a fair case.8.8 So was this a bill for reading my removal document of Bartlett as
executor which cost £7K for double listing makes no sense.

8.9 Bartlett did not have to read the contents of my file as he removed himself.

He knew his crimes were found out.
In fact, he says he is going to remove himself in Exhibit Z as I won
the case and should get damages I wanted …so no need for the £7k8.10 What is the 7k for? Time for him to read something that showed he
would lose and therefore he removed himself as executor.

AS Bartlett removed himself on the day! As he knew he could lose.  And
said that in Exhibit Z

9. IF and a big if the order of the April 3rd 2019 was to be paid in
14 days so why did Bartlett do nothing other than the fact he waited
until AFTER the Dec 2019 court case. FACT.

He then did the final settlement in Dec 2019 but then the Taxman
reported him for fraud so this is all done out of badness.

10 Add we can show from 2019 he has harassed me to try and shut up the
crimes he has done. Exhibits if required. 8 letters saying to sue me etc

See also

10.1 BUT All no good as the FACT is due to the court expert saying my mother was hit by his lawyer and Wills not done right etc
10.2 and the fraud by him 100,000, See Exhibits
10.3 undervaluing my mother’s home by half a million, (Exhibits
available if required)
10.4 doing the wills wrong, when everything was going to be left to
me. (See report by Dec 2019 Court appointed Expert).
10.5 And trying to get my mother’s home cheap which he has done to many others.

11 Therefore the final settlement of 70k which Bartlett was awarded in
the Court case of 2019 is to be rejected due to all the damages
Bartlett did to my mother’s estate and him helping to hit her and her
involvement in her strange death and my sister and others. We seek the
judge make this order.

12 Bartlett’s in Chester has a track record of getting others to do
his dirty work.
Add this Bartlett was done by the law society for £300,000 fine
See March the 6th in 2006 by the Law Society File No 8751-2003

13.1 Shirley XX also had issues with him, Exhibit Pickard 11 Aug 2018
and many others. We have other letters to show people say this law firm has done this to other elderly
see also recordings of elderly…more here.

14 The Sunday Times article of the alleged murders in Cheshire. My mother Mavis Banks is being listed as one of them.
The full story is also covered in the Mirror

14.1 Others and I say my mother was murdered and covered up by
regulators (SRACQC) and the government paid bodies (Chester Coroner, Chester police,
Chester Council) not doing their jobs.

These crimes are common and affecting trust in the UK. All of them are
about stolen money and the elderly.

14.2 The Time newspaper (August 22 2020) reported similar cases and showed
similar cover-ups. A new journalist has found more cases see point 6 below.

14.3 This lack of regulation is allowing crimes to grow all over the UK.
It puts not only the elderly at risk but everyone.

In fact the CQC has been said in Parliament not fit for purpose.

The SRA and CQC have bad ratings reviews that list constant failings.

Journalists have said the SRACQC etc are helping criminals by not taking actions against these crimes.

It also destroyed my mother’s business which created jobs and this is being done to many others.

14.3.1 there is  a recording of another cover-up of a murder by Chester police
& coroner at at

14.4 A news recording of several other people who lost their loved
ones (murder is said by them) in Cheshire has been broadcast on the
3rd of September 2020

14.5. We have 2001 signatures on my petition to reopen my mother’s inquest.

14.6. My mother’s inquest tape has been lost by the Chester coroner as it shows corruption with lawyers, Chester police detectives & Chester
Council care team robbing the elderly.

14.7. There is also new evidence which clearly shows motives to kill my mother as the court-appointed expert (2019) said my mother was hit
by a lawyer to alter her will and rob her. This is listed in the files of the Probate Court case in Liverpool Dec 2019

14.8 The court-appointed expert said my mother is saying she was hit by a lawyer (Woodside works for PB) to change her will and rob her estate.
I did a website (2018) and book on Amazon about this
And if not true they would have removed it.

My mother’s video saying Woodside hit her  is on

14.9. Clearly all of this fails SRA standards. And Carolyn Jones  of the SRA after years <>, Does nothing but writes letters to cover this up.
I want her removed and this to be investigated

14.10. Also Chester police detective MA (listed on the web site) was also robbing my mother in 2007 (papers in court file 2019) and helping
the lawyers (PB & W).
And then when found out tried to shut me up. This is an abuse of police power.
He wants 180,000 from my mother’s settlement but in the past when I was away he tried to help force the sale of my mother’s home and this was found out and is available at the Dec Court 2019 tapes. He knew from 2007 that my mother left her home and business to me but he wanted a cut.

He helped cover up the attempted murder of my mother in 2013 and then the final murder in  2015.

He tried to shut me up in 2015 by going to threaten my child, see website for more details.

The Police SAR shows the police did not investigate these crimes in Chester. It shows coverup.

The Chester coroner failed many like my mother’s case. The inquest was corrupt, low standard and needs to be investigated.
Others had the same issues with the same coroner see

A news recording of several other people who lost their loved ones (murder is said by them) in Cheshire has been broadcast on the 3rd of September 2020

My case is listed at the end of the tape as it shows how lawyers are robbing the elderly and taking advantage of this horrific situation.
Then these lawyers are protecting each other from these crimes like JBSRA etc.I state my mother was murdered and the journalist thinks this is true and that is now supported by others see an update of Mirror and the
Times newspaper TBA.

The past link shows murders that now must be investigated in Cheshire.

I will now be asking for my mother’s inquest to be reopened (see letter from HC saying this is now possible).

Another recording will be going up which lists more people who have
had lawyers robbing them (TBA).

All PB and JB did was help us map out this network of bent people who
help in these crimes.

All of this must now be investigated by the CPS and police other than the Northwest as police detectives MA & N work in these groups. And
gain by this.

All of this allows for more corruption and costs more.

It also destroys businesses and jobs.

It also allows the witness to my mother’s case to be murdered such as

14.11 The murder of my mother’s accountant  Barbara Dunbavand (BD) (a mother of three) who knew my mother should have had Business Property
Rates (BPR) and JB try and avoid this to help PB.

BD also was murdered as she said my mother’s guest house should have BPR (Business Property Rates and therefore no need for a sale) but
that would stop MA, PB etc robbing it.

14.12  BD contacted me to say she wanted to help me then she died strangely- after PB said she said she could not help me (see his own email)
see newspaper report.
BD husband was a doctor who knew Dr B and Dr N etc

14.13 Also, I never have forgotten after my mother’s murder (2015), how my sister turned up to my mother’s guest house with PB (Bartlett).
My sister had tears in her eyes, and a black eye and looked fearful of PB.
Also with PB was a group of people who said they were estate agents but they undervalued my mother’s property by 500,000?

Then in 2019, my sister was seen in a panic looking for me then next thing PB tells me my sister is going to be cremated the next day.
PB & W are known to the undertakers as being bad (tape).

14.14 And we can show in my mother’s case  Dr Bland (struck off as a pedo in 2018) knew MA police detective (my sister’s son in law) who
gains in this.

14.15 And all these people knew Dr Bland who drugged my mother to change her will and trapped her in a nursing home. Dr Bland worked
with all the elderly in Chester.

Dr Bland was struck off in 2018 as pedo and it is clear in the past MA (police detective who gains) and others knew him to control him.

PB and Woodside knew Dr Bland as well. Dr Bland knew BD etc. They all live or work next to each other… NOTE: BD husband is a doctor who
knew Dr Bland, Dr N etc

14.16 Dr Bland and Dr N both lied at my mother’s inquest with another Police detective (N) which is why my mother’s inquest tape has gone
missing…they were found out.
Dr N gave my mother morphine for no clinical reason and this killed my mother and she wanted to live and tell on all the above.

14.17 Then in 2020 the law society appointed JB who did nothing but cover up for Bartlett and his emails see 6. shows this

 I want James Edward Beresford (JB) struck off and in jail with the other persons helping in the cover-up of these crimes.

14.18 And It is strange JB was given this job by the Northwest Law Society by Hotmail (see his email)

PhilipMay<> who appointed JB of the Law Society Liverpool.

Philip May are you aware of the cover-up of fraud and murder?

Did Philip May know P. Bartlett (PB)?

Please see fraud listed on the web site below.

15 Therefore I seek that the request of a bankruptcy order be removed and struck off.

16 I seek costs.

18 If the above is not possible we ask for Bartlett to be paid the 7k on the sale of the guest house
which we can show is going on.

18.1 In the letter of 17 of September (Exhibit 17Sep2020page2) to lawyers Bartlett says

“He explained again that although he has filed the Bankruptcy Petition, this isn’t with intention to hurt him, rather to try and bring an end
to matters. “

If so he should wait for the sale of my mother’s home as he said in April 2019

18.2 It makes no sense with COVID going on doing a Bankruptcy order to a person who is learning law and wanting to become a lawyer when he
can pay this bill soon. The damage seems to be clearly bad.

18.3 I contacted Bartlett May 29, 2020 (Exhibit XXX) and Kerry Davise Sep 1, 2020 (Exhibit XXX) on this issue to save courts time but they did not respond.
They did not want to do ADR which is bad.

19 If this fails and I have to pay the 7k I ask for a payment plan to be put in place as bankruptcy order will destroy my ability to do work
as I am self employed and need to set up a business.

20 If I win I seek cost for a considerable amount of upset and time he has cost me.

I state the above is true.

Mark Jones

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