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Coroner cover up

Email to the Chester coroner. 28/11/2019
Please acknowledge this email and its attachments.

To coroner Alan Moore

I put in a SAR (Subject Access Request) to start on the 11/09/2019.

I put it that the inquest for my mother’s Mavis Banks was a JOKE and done to cover up crimes.

The inquest tape shows this. Which is why you try and stop it being heard.

New Evidence is the fact Dr Bland was struck off in 2018 who lied at my mother’s inquest (lied and said he did not know Dr N who gave my mother morphine to kill her for no clinical reason but can now show they both in the past signed the cremation documents of the eldelry who were abused and stolen from).

And police detective N who lied at the inquest but was caught on tape.

Also, we can show Police detective MA gains by my mother’s death, and medical paperwork shows him stealing from her (listed in medical records).

Also, MA knew my mother was attacked and nearly killed in 2010, 2013 and final murder in 2015 and stopped the investigation into obvious crimes. Therefore part of the act in helping to kill her.

Also now we have a medical expert who says my mother was hit by Mr Woodside who did her wills to force her to sell her home so Mr Bartlett could gain by it (see web site). And they did this to others.

My mother’s inquest tape has been stopped from going public since 2015. Under the law, my mother’s inquest was an Article 2 inquest as she died under DoLS. A DoLS based on a lie.

We want the inquest tape uncut and all other SAR (see email sent to you).

The following will be used as legal action against you for your failure of Duty of Care to my mother and many others. Who was robbed and more

Claim No E30LV485

Exhibits are now on website and books on Amazon USA

also on the web site

Journalist and others said it is clear my mother was murdered for her home… that Woodside hit my mother and Bartlett still can not show how 100,000 care bills became 800 or how he undervalued my mother’s house by 700,000 etc. or took my mother’s money without any reason…and became executor of her will by force etc

and we have other saying they had the same issues now sent to politicians & police who are looking into Dementia Fraud.

You can see more at

I hope to hear from you soon as this is now urgent.



From: Dr Mark Jones
Date: Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 10:58 PM
Subject: Dementia Fraud 1) beneficiary of my mother Mavis Banks Will. 2) Data Protection Act 1983 – Subject access request
To: <>



Dear Mrs Louise Rhodes,
Thank you for your email.
As I understand it, the coroner is not above the law.

I want the SAR (Subject Access Request) to start on the 11/09/2019.

I can show my mother was murdered with new evidence, and we have the fraud and other crimes to steal elderly person homes by bent lawyers.

In my mother’s case, she said she was hit by Mr Woodside to change her will and sell her home and experts back this up, and he and Mr Barlett undervalued my mother’s home by 700,000 and fraud of 100,000 care bills which when Mr  Bartlett was found out had to say in court was only 800.

A Dr Bland (drugged my mother to look like dementia to shut her up, could have been sued by mother for clinical negligence, also helped drug mother to help in the forced sale of mother’s home & business to Mr Bartlett) who was struck off in 2018 who lied with Dr Nickloson (used morphine to kill my mother without clinical reasons but to shut her up) said at the inquest did not know each other,

but after the inquest, we can show they signed the cremation documents together before this- so they knew each other very well.

Also, other related murders (BD inquest done by coroner NR, who said her death was strange, but we have motive now) to protect these crimes. For full details, see web site below.

The police SAR shows bent two police detectives (MA) who lied at my mother inquest under oath who gain from these crimes.
We also have support from other expert witnesses.

I will be asking for an investigation into a coroner office that seems to cover up murders connected to stealing from the elderly.

As I am now studying law, I know the past coroner (RB) who did my mother’s inquest threatened me to protect known criminals. He did many things to make the inquest useless.

My mother died under DoLS, so this was an Article 2 inquest which is public, and I want the recording of my mother’s inquest so Parliament can have it for the investigation into Dementia Fraud. Please send it by email.

I want this all investigated now.
I will be presenting my findings in Parliament.


Dr Mark Jones FRSM
MBA, PhD, Ma, PgDip :.

Freeman of the City of London

Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.
Fellow of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (2010)
Fellow of NESTA (2002)

On Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 8:51 AM Coroner’s Administration Team <> wrote:

Good morning Dr Jones


Thank you for your email. Your enquiry will need to be dealt with by the Senior Coroner, Mr Alan Moore. He is currently on annual leave and due to return to the office next week. I will ensure that your email is put before him on his return.


Kind regards


Mrs Louise Rhodes

HM Coroner, The West Annexe

Town Hall

Sankey Street

Warrington WA1 1UH


From: Dr Mark Jones
Sent: 11 September 2019 20:59
To: Coroner’s Administration Team
Cc: CORBYN, Jeremy; Zac Goldsmith
Subject: Private 1) beneficiary of my mother Mavis Banks Will. 2) Data Protection Act 1983 – Subject access request



From: Dr Mark Jones FRSM

To: SAR of Coroner
The West Annexe
Town Hall
Sankey Street


BCC to others


DATE 11/09/2019


Dear Coroner


Mavis Banks (DOB 22 June 1929 Date of Murder 14 March 2015)


Part 1 I am  beneficiary of my mother Mavis Banks Will. I have a legal right to all paper work etc as this Will is in dispute etc.  This include any one else listed with it e.g. My half sister etc  All documents.


From SAR of the police we will now be reopening her inquest. I am also training to be a lawyer so I will be pointing out “failure of Duty of Care” and many other issues.



Part 2  SAR

Data Protection Act 1983 – Subject access request

I seek, together with relevant information to help you identify the information I require on the following Defined List: Mark Jones (MJ), Flora Crosland (FC), Mavis Banks (MB), Vicky Boultbee (VB) and David Boultbee (DB), & Michael Anklers (MA),


Mr Woodside on video hit MB and motives with Mr P. Bartett for Fraud of 100,000 false bills in court papers, undervaluing her home by 700,000 motive to kill her etc.


see also


see CPS doc to be sent



and any possible links to any other law firms, councils, banks etc.

All bills and bank statements etc

In fact anything to do with Dr Mark Jones and the murder of Mavis Banks.


The data subject is adamant that WE wish to receive a copy of everything the data controller holds on this (including bills, receipts, notes, photocopies  etc),  and a completely exhaustive search of the computerised and manually held data in the organization will be required including a search of all databases and all relevant filing systems (manual files) throughout the organisation.


The data subject is adamant that WE wishes to receive a copy of everything the data controller holds on these people, including deleted emails  from the email address detailed below that are held on remote, online, or managed backup service, sometimes marketed as cloud backup, this is a service that provides users with a system for the backup, storage, and recovery of computer files.


Online backup systems are typically built around a client software program that runs on a schedule, typically once a day, and usually at night while computers aren’t in use. This program typically collects, compresses, encrypts, and transfers the data to the remote backup service provider’s servers or off-site hardware.


Under rules of SAR etc I will hear from you soon.


You are part of a fraud & murder investigation.


Thank you


Dr Mark Jones FRSM
MBA, PhD, Ma, PgDip :.


Link to


More at


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